The Nomad Offices

I am an Open Source Software activist and an Open Source Software Solutions business owner. IT business owner to be exact, but while most of my projects are freelance basis and does not need an office as my line of work is usually done on-site (in data centres, usually), I do admit that there is a need for a proper workstation or a virtual office to accommodate my own IT seminars and whatnot.There HAS been that demand lately, especially for my small scale WordPress seminar, and i can’t possibly do that at home, can I? That will not look professional. 🙁

While discussing the evolution of remote work, it’s crucial to consider the practical aspects of business communication. A major advantage of using a virtual office is the professional facade it provides, especially for client correspondence. For instance, securing a reliable virtual postal address in a major city like London can significantly elevate a business’s perceived professionalism and trustworthiness. This aspect is often overlooked but is vital for building a robust, client-focused brand.

Luckily for me, I was invited to try out the newly launched The Nomad Office@Mont Kiara, which is great, as I have been surveying the market for Virtual Office or Serviced Offices for my business needs.

I was given a chance to try out their ‘Hot Desk’ service for a day. 😀

The Managers Room
This is where I sit and post up this article.
The Nomad Office in Mont Kiara features:

Serviced Office suites

Fully-furnished and well-appointed private office suites with dedicated administrative and IT support for your business.

 Virtual Office

Prestigious business addresses, professional receptionists and available business centres for non-traditional entrepreneurs.


Conference and Meeting Rooms

Flexible meeting room configurations with audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi, and complimentary bottled water, flipchart, stationery and mints.


Shared Office

Affordable office space with phone, Broadband Internet and networking opportunities.


Hot Desk

You are provided with your own table to do your work, accessing the Internet without interruptions.

Video Conference

State-of-the-art video conferencing equipment for rent by the hour at any time of the day.

Business Lounge

Cosy and semi-formal chill out area with complimentary Wi-Fi, reading materials, coffee and tea.


In case if your phone is run out of battery, and you forget to bring along your charger, here is where you can charge your phone. There are 10 chargers prepared and you can place your phone into it the small locker and leave your phone there to charge. All brands of phone charger are available, such as for iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones(Samsung, HTC, etc) Nokia, etc.

Other than that, there are two things which I consider most important during working days. Coffee and something to release stress.
Business LoungePS
There are coffees in the business lounge where we can relax ourself and have a(few) cup(s) of coffee, which it is what I usually do during working days.
While for the Playstation… well, normal days it is showing news or some informational new channel. Of course, you may turn on games, violent ones and relax yourself, in case if you wanted to throw temper due to some of your client causing you want to punch them in their face!

By the way, there are some suites that really took my attention, especially the ones that have KLCC and KL Tower view, which it is a 2 person’s suite.
2 person's suite
Also another one that I might be using very often, is the conference room:
Conference room

And hey, no more need to go out and do photocopy, The Nomad Office have 2 photocopy machines here.
Kelly and photocopy machine
Woi! What you looking at!? Ask you to see the photocopy machine lar!