I’m a very laid back person, but due to work and life commitments, my time is always restricted. Time, is a very precious commodity and every single minutes and seconds means money to me. I have to manage my schedule properly or chaos will ensue, both at home and at work. I’m not sure how you manage your hectic schedule, but here’s sharing some tips on how to manage your time while you’re at work:

  • First of all, always be early to work. This is very, very important as being early will ensure that you will not go around feeling flustered for the rest of the day as you’ve been reprimanded by your bosses earlier on for being late. Being early will enable you to relax and catch a breath, and trust me, it helps to boost your productivity when you start your day right. Need to commute for meetings but don’t want to be trapped for hours in traffic? Well, you can’t avoid the bad traffic. It will always be there, but there is possibilities that you can avoid them. The Wisper 806 folding electric bike was due to be retired in 2020, however its become popular with commuters making it the best selling foldable ebike in the UK. You may also use scheduled public transport to get to your destination, and if you can’t take public transport as it might be inconvenient for you to control your time, then use navigation apps on your smart-phone like Waze to navigate you to the fastest route to your destination. Waze is a free app for you to use with your smart-phone, so don’t worry too much about burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Use Google calender to manage your hectic schedule and sync it to your smart-phone so that you will not forget any appointments or any important dates. Google calender is a lifesaver to me, and I’m sure it will be the same to you.
  • Too busy trying to finish up the projects that’s due but desperately need to sooth your grumbling tummy? Well you can go out and get some food for yourself, but that would be very time time consuming considering waiting time at restaurants can be quite long and queues at fast-food joints can stretch a mile during peak hour. There’s a time saving solution for this. Order take outs. There’s plenty of food delivery service out there. One of the more reputable one is Foodpanda. Don’t know what that is? Well, Foodpanda is an online food delivery website in Malaysia. It now offers diners more variety with 100 food joints in its website since its recent debut on 26th March 2012.Customers are spoil for choices as the website now provides pickings which include cuisines such as Chinese, Indian/Punjabi, Thai, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Middle Eastern fare and more.Ordering with them is easy. All you need to do is just head over to their website, enter your area in the selected box, select the restaurant that you want to buy your food from and the Panda will have his crew deliver your food to you in a jiffy and you pay for the goods upon delivery. Basically speaking, you can order directly from your laptop or mobile. Now, isn’t that time saving? I certainly think that it can save a lot of your time, especially when you’re busy and have no time go go out and have your meals outside.
  • Need to juggle your role as an employee and a good family member? Have a date with your wife or girlfriend for dinner but have no appropriate outfit and can’t possibly go back home and have a change? Well, it helps to save time if you have a change of clothes in the car or something. Work is important, but dates with your family is not something you should take lightly too.  Take it this way… if you lose a job, you can always look for another. But that does not work the same with with your loved ones. So cherish them.
  • Last but not least, stop trying to be a superhero in the office; trying to get everything done in a day, remember, you’re just a staff and work will always be endless. Once you’re done with one project, you’ll have to work on another. Learn to delegate your work to your teammates or colleague so that your workload does not kill you. Delegation is very important if you want to get things done easily and effectively.

I know this is not much of a tip, but it has been helpful for me and I hope it will serve you the same way it did me.