Just finished watch a drama called “Myth”(神話).
It is written based on Jackie Chan’s movie “The Myth”.
Although the whole story is quite different, I quite like that drama.
And of course, this sound track.
The only few things that I don’t like about the drama, is the last episode, its ending, and the part they write about 汉高祖-刘邦, and most of the part which related with the history, because the author knows nothing about the history and write until the kings like very useless, which they are actually not.

Anyway, just wanted to share this sound track with everyone!

I had just found and read one of the actor’s blog when I was looking for the sound track’s mp3.
Guess who’s blog I found? Is 金莎’s blog.
From the blog, I found that she was attracted to the character she acted in this drama, 吕素.
Although her appearance was just about 7 episodes, but it does bring impact to her life in her acting carrier.

You may go to the link below where she write about how she feel after the shooting.
《星月神话》 创作后记
There are a lot more blog post she post about how much she miss that character and the whole shooting crew. Slowly browse around and you will found a lot more of these posts.