Fucking Moron Advertisers

I’m sure there is a lot of bloggers, are earning from their blog as part of their income. Although not much of the bloggers nowadays earn much, but I do know quite a huge number of them are professional bloggers Read More

Emi Fujita – How Did I Fall in Love with You

I heard this song two days ago in Facebook. It was posted by a friend of mine. Anyway, since I like it a lot due to it is so sweet and it is making my feel very relax. So I Read More

Extremely Poor Support From Virpus

I’ve been used quite some number of VPS service providers. I used to have some issues with 2Host about their support response is very slow. I have to wait for their response up to 5 days. I thought that was Read More

Finding a home for cats/kittens

A facebook friend of mine is helping her friend to find a good home for some cats/kittens, and I thought I’d help out abit by spreading the words. See, this little fella and his litter mates… they need a new Read More

Left At The Altar

Left at The Altar by Kimberly Kennedy is a very motivational and inspiring book. It encourages us to move on and teaches us how to forgive those who wronged us. This book also guide you in letting go the bad Read More