Invasion by J.S Lewis is about Colt McAllister who is thrown into a war against things he thought only existed in comic books and movies. After the accident that claimed the lives of his parents, Colt went to live with his grandfather, and learned that his parents’ death is nothing but a conspiracy.

You see, Colt’s mother was a journalist, and she was actually preparing to write a story that will expose what’s supposed to be confidential. So in other words, his parents were murdered, and the accident was not an accident after all.

Plot thickens and things started to get far-fetched from that point onwards, and I find that the story is rather fast-paced and rushed, apart from being rather… impossible. But I guess that’s an element that’s supposed to be in a science fiction thriller.

This story is a good science fiction and enjoyable story nevertheless. There’s room for characters’ and plot development. Perfect for people who loves