Yesterday is 9th September 2009, a lot of couples decided to give up their freedom as a single and start a new live with their gf/bf to start a live as a married people. And the funny thing is, they think that choosing this date, they can be together for eternity due to the number 999 resembles ????.

Does this really true that they can really be together for eternity?

Last year 08/08/08, 8th August 2008, also have lots of couple decided to throw away their freedom and get married this day. Some of those who not yet ready to get marry, but they wanted to have a rich life, so they get married in this day. But from what I see, the date does not makes any difference. They wealth level still the same, and they are still a blue collar, not yet promoted to white collar level yet.

If really the date will make difference on your luck in your future, then why these people who get married at 08/08/08 not yet become rich? and Why some of them even become more worse, having more credit cards debts? It is very stupid to hope that the date will change your luck. But for those who want to make their anniversary date special, I got nothing to say, coz most probably they already ready to start a married life and already have a stable financial status. But to those who hope for luck from the date, you are really a Sohai!.

Some people is more clever about choosing these dates, but I have to say, these are lazy people and some of them might be those people who don’t really want to remember special dates. These people just wanted to choose these dates so that it is easy to remember their anniversary, so when during their anniversary, they will remember to celebrate it and no need to get scold by the wife. Yes, these people are clever, but they might be jack ass as well as they afraid that they mistake their anniversary with their gf’s birthday at outside. I am not saying all of them is like this, but some of them are like this.

There is some example of those who are clever (the guys is damn clever!)
He chosen 07/07/07 to propose, but they think that they are not ready to get married at 08/08/08.
So when they are ready, they get married at 09/09/09.
There is some news about them in The Start newspaper in Malaysia.
Anyway, they are quite a perfect match also, a doctor and a nurse.
For their case, I can understand why, that doctor is a person who like perfection, just like me, so I can understand that he wanted to be special among people around him.

There is a lot of arrogant people who wanted to be special also, but thats ok, at least they are not hoping for getting good luck from the date.

To those Sohai! who hopes for luck, eat shit lar!

If want to be rich, choosing 08/08/08 to get married will not bring any benefit to you, work hard and plan smart for the future and business is the only way!

Same goes to those who choose 09/09/09 and hope for eternity relationship, are also some Sohai! as well. An eternity marriage is not archive trough the lucky date, it is archive via how you manage your family, how much you care for your family and your spouse, understanding to each other, how hard you try to maintain the relationship with each other, how much you willing to tolerate your other half.

Anyway, I found one article about his date from ABC News

So, should you race to the altar to be married on 09/09/09? Not so fast, says Carter.

“Don’t do it,” he cautions. “Never get married under the number nine.”

He says that 82 percent of his divorced clients who come to him for numerological advice were married on a date that included the number nine.

It depends on how a person think of this date, but all I can say is, do not depend on the date, depend on yourself. Your own future will not bright if you just hope from your luck and from the date, it is all on your own hand, don’t be a Sohai!