Some comical presents you could give to a married couple on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary are clothes custom-made with humorous statements, a photograph album stuffed with comical memories, a basket stuffed with one-of-a-kind items, or maybe you could plan a wedding anniversary-related joke.

You could make a 25th anniversary more unforgettable just by going out of the common 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents. Think of giving funny gift items which will show your fun-loving and artistic side , and they are more unforgettable as opposed to the predictable gift or card. Here are a few terrific gift recommendations you can think about:

Apparel personalized with witty statements

There are many clothing boutiques where you can modify your own print. Just a few varieties of attire you can purchase for the celebrating couple include a couple of shirts, baseball caps and / or aprons. Decide what you would like to print on the merchandise. One comical idea, for instance, would be a t-shirt that states “Property of my lady since 1990″ for the man to put on plus a complimenting “Owned my hubby since 1990″ for the wife. Consider browsing the web for funny sayings about 25th wedding anniversaries, marriage, husbands, spouses or even growing older.

A picture album filled with hilarious memories

If you want, you may incorporate the silver motif into your present by buying a silver-embellished picture album. Maintain the mood light and funny by putting together only funny photographs in the album. You can ask the married couple’s children, friends and family to help you look for photographs from throughout the married couple’s long years together and maybe even go back to once they were unmarried or younger. Possible pictures you may include illustrate them donning Halloween costumes or having a bad hair day. You can also include a several pictures of them looking loving and cheerful just so the gift still captures the love of the special occasion.

A gift basket full of distinctive goods

Other than giving a traditional gift package packed with fresh fruits, treats or nut products, fill the gift basket with additional extraordinary items and create a concept around them. For instance, you could present the couple a gift basket you dub a “marriage survival kit.” Place a book about relationships and also marriage into the basket and name it an educational guidebook. Include a whistle with a note that says “for the purpose of crying foul if you argue,” band aids which have a description that states “for fixing heartaches” together with other items you deem right for the concept. One other gift basket alternative would be a “kinky” gift basket filled with edible lotions and creams, a bottle of champagne as well as naughty games or toys.

Plan an anniversary-related joke

You can go over the top with a wedding anniversary gift by pulling a prank that’s related to the event. For example, surprise them by rolling twenty-five golf balls personalized with their names and faces around their living room floor. If you like, you can also come up with hilarious anniversary quotes on each of the balls. Another humorous joke would be to send the couple a genuine-looking document announcing that an error had been found on their marriage permit so their union is considered void. Half an hour later, you and also the married couple’s friends can appear to reveal the joke dressed up as clergy and ready to watch and conduct a second wedding ceremony.

Although funny anniversary gifts may be more unforgettable than traditional ones, remember that not all people may share your sense of humor.