To make your pizza business more lucrative and enticing, you must differentiate yourself and show that you are superior to your competitors. You can try to come up with a theme that no one else has, create a new list of food that is related to a specific theme, develop a unique specialty, let kids make their own pizza, offer pizza meals that are cheaper, offer an express counter for take-out orders, or serve sliced pizza.

The obstacles of running a pizza parlor can be greatly difficult. If you have many pizza stores near your locality, you can expect to face stiff competition. You might want to try these ideas to improve the profitability and attractiveness of your pizza business:

Give your restaurant a one-of-a-kind theme

If you want to make your pizza shop appealing to people, you should match the decor with a unique theme and give the shop a name that is in relevant to the theme. You can use the shop’s location, such as Pizza Lake Tahoe, as the theme and have decorations and menu revolve around that theme. Other restaurant themes that are unique and exciting include profession themes such as navy pizza or captain’s pizza.

Create new theme-related menus

You can make the food you serve relevant to the theme you set. For instance, if your pizza follows an international theme, you can include pizza that are Chinese-flavored, Mexican-flavored and other international specialties. Not only will you be able to cater to many customers’ tastes in your pizza place, but you will also give them the chance to try many delectable flavors of pizza.

Develop a unique specialty

If your menu stays the same, your loyal customers may grow weary of the same old choices. Make them happy by adding a variety to your specialty and making it more unique. Add extra perks to your menu like additional cheese or double toppings.

You can let child customers create their own pizza

Make your pizza shop more appealing to customers by literally allowing them to make their own pizzas. Many create-your-own pizza places allow you to choose the toppings you want for your pizza, but putting the toppings on yourself is something different and exciting, especially for kids. Prepare the dough, spread the tomato sauce, prepare the toppings, and approach your customers, especially those with kids, to put the toppings on and make their dining experience with you more fun.

Offer value pizza meals

Especially if you are running a fast or moderately fast-service pizza shop, consider offering value pizza meals. Some people prefer eating pizza along with a combination of other food at a reasonable price. Using this method, people can avoid ordering portions too big for them; instead, they can order small portions of various foods at a bargain.

Provide an express counter for take-outs

It is important to have an express counter to handle to-go orders for those customers who don’t have a lot of time to wait. Have a display of pre-cooked pizzas at your express counter that customers can choose from and take home immediately without having to wait for an order. This is a great tip for restaurants found in busy districts where customers prefer bringing their orders along with them.

Serve sliced pizza

You can sell pizza by the slice for both take-out and dine-in orders. This will provide a wider variety of options to your customers aside from just the different sizes of pizza. Selling the more popular pizzas by individual slices may reduce wastage.

You can begin expanding your business and offer delivery and even bulk orders if your pizza shop starts operating steadily.