Some things you can do to make a silent auction fun for children is to organize an auction with an art theme, follow a movie night-theme for the auctioned baskets, use baskets full of games and toys for the auction, or auction different gift coupons.

If you are planning to hold a fund-raising activity, silent auctions may one of your best alternatives. It is a variation on the traditional auction, as the name suggests, in which bidding is not made in public or facilitated loudly by an auctioneer. When it comes to silent auctions, items are set up for guests’ easy perusal. For every auctioned item, an initial bid is indicated. Those who are interested in an item will write a bid on a piece of paper and then submit it. The highest bidder will be announced after the event, so bidders will have to wait for the results. Preparing a silent auction for children will be twice as fun as arranging a conventional auction. Here are some fun Silent Auction Ideas you can try:

Follow an art-theme for the auction

Make an attempt to arrange a silent auction having art as the theme. Take baskets and fill them with various arts and craft items that kids may use for art projects. Customize each basket by using different sets of items. You can have one basket intended for preschoolers by filling it with items like finger paints, modeling clay, coloring books and stickers. Another basket might contain art and craft materials that older children can use like acrylic paints, canvas frames, scrapbooks and paintbrushes. To make the auction more creative, decorate the venue like an art gallery with displays of paintings, drawings, crafts and other artwork made by kids.

Have movie-themed baskets as the auctioned items

Kids of all ages love movies. Draw inspiration for your auction from this idea by creating baskets filled with movie-night goodies. Include gift cards to the local movie rental shop, snacks like microwaveable popcorn and candies and even posters. If the auction is targeted for older children, you can opt for tickets to the movie theater. Add in a gift certificate to a local fast food chain or snack bar where the kids can go before or after they watch the movie.

Auction baskets filled with games and toys

Games and toys are an instant hit among children. Auction off baskets filled with an assortment games and toys for children. You can have two baskets, one for boys which is filled with their favorite things like puzzles, model cars and superhero figures and another for girls filled with things like crowns, wands and dress-up clothes. Another idea involves baskets filled with group games such as Scrabble sets or Monopoly.

Auction off different gift certificates

Silent auctions sometimes include services that can be bid upon. You may want to ask local businesses to sponsor the event by giving gift certificates or their services. If you know any babysitters, you can ask them to donate their services which can be availed with gift cards. This will help make the auction appealing to parents. Other interesting items you can auction are gift certificates to theme parks, toy stores and kid-friendly restaurants.

Always add a fun and creative twist to the silent auction so that it becomes more appealing to kids. Make your imagination your only limit for the great things you can do for the event.