In case you are thinking of hosting a silent auction, think of requesting contributions of homemade food and beverages, tickets to several activities, certificates for services, or second hand electronic devices or home furniture.

One innovative and enjoyable approach to raise money is to hold a silent auction. There are various online silent auction ideas you could use for your event to make it more interesting. You can also provide items that are donated by several sources instead of purchasing pricey merchandise to auction off. Below are some donation suggestions you can consider for your silent auction:

Home made beverages and foods

Cookies, pies, cakes and many other food items are always great items to include in auctions. Decorated cakes can also be effective at asking for high offers. Inquire your associates if any of them wish to bake or make something to contribute to the occasion. You could also send donation letters to community bakeries and pastry shops. Beverages you may include are high-end liquors, wines, bottles of milk and many more. Consider delivering donation requests to local wine beverages retailers. If you are planning to include alcoholic drinks, always consider the age of your bidders so you can be sure that all of them are well over the legitimate drinking age.

Seat tickets to various occasions

The tickets you sell can range from simple admission to a local movie theatre or more complicated occasions such as sporting activities, live shows or art exhibits. To get the donation, you could send out letters to motion picture houses, theatre organizations, clubs or even galleries and inquire them if they could offer free tickets to any upcoming events they have. Alternatively, if you have the budget and time, you could organize the occasion by yourself. Consider making arrangements for a special dinner, kid’s party or perhaps a camp and auction the tickets.

Vouchers for services

Instead of the usual products, you can consider auctioning off important services to your guests. Ask your associates or other professionals in your society if they can donate their time to perform a job or professional service. For example, computer technicians and local plumbers could offer an hour’s worth of restoration or maintenance services. The services can include daily chores such as car or truck washing, lawn mowing and trimming and house cleaning to more technical tasks including tutorial, accounting, and photography services. Make certificates for the services you sell and specify the specific individual who will be performing it along with the number of hours the service is worth.

Second hand electronics or home furniture

Several people do not understand how to eliminate their used electronic devices or old home furniture. Ask these folks to donate such products to the auction rather than selling them by themselves or dumping them. Publish posters stating that you’re accepting used electronics and furniture which will be used for the auction. To control the standard of the items you obtain, specify on the announcement that the items need to be functional and in good shape. You’re certain to locate individuals who will be willing to buy popular electronics such as speakers, cameras, music players and the like. You can also find individuals who would prefer to purchase cheaper secondhand home furniture.

Asking for donations for the auction will help lower the costs of the event and possibly even improve the unity and morale of the organization.