To get healthier teeth and mouth, make sure you do proper brushing of your teeth, regularly use floss, treat swollen gums and control plaque using a mouth rinse prescribed by a specialist, keep your dentures clean with a denture care product, and avoid drying your mouth.

People, regardless of age, should take proper care of their teeth and mouth. Having unhealthy mouth and teeth may lead to tooth decay, various gum diseases and even oral cancer. Regularly going to your dentist Troy will allow for early diagnosis and curing of possible oral problems. Aside from visiting the dentist, you should also follow these tips for taking care of your teeth and mouth:

Use the correct method of brushing your teeth

Proper brushing of your teeth is integral to good oral care, of course finding the perfect toothpaste for your smile is a must. Make use of a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste when brushing your teeth daily. Go over all areas of your teeth with circular motions and forward-backward strokes. Remember to also gently brush your gum line and tongue. An electric toothbrush may prove to be quite handy for people with disabilities that inhibit movement or those who suffer from arthritis. An alternative would be to attach the toothbrush to your hand using a wide elastic band or attaching the handle to a long piece of plastic or wood.

Use dental floss regularly and properly

In addition to tooth brushing  like the advice given by dentists on, remember to use dental floss to make sure your teeth are clean and your gums are healthy. Your tooth brush cannot reach all the bits of food in your teeth and flossing can solve this as well as remove plaque. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after you floss. If you notice bleeding or feel pain in your gums when you brush or floss, you should see your dentist. It is also a difficult life with braces as there are a lot of maintenance.

Use a prescribed mouth rinse to control plaque and treat swollen gums

Your dentist and many other types of orthodontists might recommend a bacteria-fighting mouth rinse for you to use if you suffer from swollen gums or have plaque.

Keep your dentures clean with a denture care product

Dentures can be a little inconvenient during the first weeks. You will usually be required to visit your dentist frequently during the first weeks. You also need to make sure that your dentures are clean. You can do this by using a denture care product to brush the surfaces of your dentures once every day. Before you go to sleep, remember to remove your dentures and place them in a container with water or cleansing liquid. The same care tips also apply to partial dentures, but you also have to give closer attention under the denture clasps as bacteria can easily accumulate in this area.

Make sure your mouth does not get dry

Dry mouth can be quite an inconvenience and is uncomfortable. You could have problems tasting and swallowing food and, in some cases, speaking. Dry mouth may also lead to tooth infection. Fortunately, there are ways for you to prevent this condition. Drinking water is one of the ways you can hydrate. You should also consume fewer drinks containing alcohol or caffeine, stop smoking and cutback on food that is sweet and sugary. Additionally, your dentist can write you a prescription for artificial saliva, which can be bought from a drug store.

Apart from preventing oral infections and diseases, another benefit of having a clean mouth and teeth is better self-esteem.