Because brushing is a very common hair care routine, here are some things you should know about it: brushing wet hair can damage it, comb your hair first before brushing, brushing with plastic brushes can cause fly-away hair, and there are many types of hair brushes.

Everyone wants to have healthy and great looking hair. You can invest in hair care products from natural argan hair oil to professional salon treatments. But the best thing you can do for your hair is to follow a healthy hair care routine. Hair brushing is one of the most common hair care routines; however, there is more to it than most people realize.

When went hair is brushed, it can easily be damaged

Most people, especially those who are in a rush to get to work or school, are probably used to brushing wet hair. People don’t know that brushing hair after a shower can cause it to tangle and break. It is preferable to allow your hair dry and then use your fingers to detangle it prior to using a hair brush on it.

Before brushing you should be sure to comb through your hair

Before brushing, you should first comb through your hair to avoid tangling. You must always begin combing your hair at the ends as well. Be certain to stop at the base of your hair and get out all the kinks and tangles then work your way higher. In case yourhair is total mess then you may attempt to comb few stands one after another. Once your hair has been completely detangled you can begin to brush it the whole length through. For each brush stroke, start at the root and brush in a downward direction.

Brushing with plastic brushes can cause fly-away hair

A big issue with inexpensive plasic brushes is that the exude static electricity that makes your hair fly up. A high quality brush can help prevent later problems. There are many hair brushes available on the market and many are made for a specific purpose, so be sure to choose the right one for your hair.

There are many types of hair brushes

A multitude of hair brushes are available, an it’s convenient to understand how each type works, so that you can choose the best one. The most basic hair brush is the vent hair brush; it is called such because it has vents that allow for airflow. If you are looking for height and volume the vent brush is the tool you need. A styler brush is another version, which does not have any vents on it and has a rounded end. Bob-style and mid-length hair cuts are suitable for styler brushes. For men, the cushion brush is the brush of choice. It has a soft cushion base. For mid-length hair and hair that is not too thick, this brush is also good. The round brush is yet another kind of hair brush. Making curls may be the most common use for them but they can be used for other things too. Helpful for striaghtening and smoothing out cury or wavy hair are round hair brushes. You can imagine what a paddle brush would look like just by hearing its name This brush is bigger and flatter than the cushion brush. Paddle like brushes work well to smooth God-given straight, long hair.

Brushing is not enough to achieve the best look for your hair. A combination of proper techniques and proper implements will keep your hair looking its best.