To clean your digital camera efficiently, follow these steps: prepare your cleaning supplies, clean the lens, clean the LCD, clean the body of the camera, and give you camera some final cleaning touches.

To take good care of your digital camera, it is necessary to clean it regularly. You can have a peek at these guys and buy the best equipment for taking care of oyur camera. However, you need to ensure that your camera is safe while you clean it. You can go over your photography instructions manual to guide you on how to keep your gadget secured during cleaning. You can also refer to this list of cleaning procedures intended to give you some useful steps to clean a point-and-shoot digital camera.

Prepare your cleaning supplies

While you will not use all cleaning supplies every time you clean, it is important to have the following on hand when you clean your digital camera:

* Microfiber cloth stored in a re-sealable plastic bag to protect it from dirt and grime
* Lens cleaning paper, which is a good substitute for a cotton cloth
* Clean water or lens fluid
* A cleaning brush made of small and soft bristles.

Clean the lens

You can clean your camera while you are still at home or you can also clean it while you are out. If you at home, you can do the following:

* Open the lens cover, turn on the camera if necessary.
* Let your lens face the ground while softly blowing onto it to release dirt particles. Or, use a brush to get rid of particles.
* Using a microfiber cloth with a lens fluid for cleaning, gently remove smudges or grime from the lens, starting from the center and moving out towards the sides.

If you are already at the event location, you can still clean your lens with your cleaning supplies. Just make sure you keep them in your camera bag. Just in case you forget them, you can still clean your camera by following these tips:

* Turn on your camera if needed to open the lens.
* Blow on your lens to get rid of particles. Do not use any type of cloth or your fingers to free the lens of shingles.
* Using a very soft, clean and damp cloth, wipe your lens in a circular motion.
* Dry the lens with a cloth.

Clean the LCD

Turning off your camera when cleaning the LCD is the most applicable thing to do. This will allow you to see clearly any smudges. You can use both a small, soft cloth and a soft brush to clean the LCD.

Clean the body of the camera

First, turn off the camera. Then using a microfiber cloth and a soft brush, clean the various areas of your camera body such as the seam, the camera connector, buttons, dials, the viewfinder and the front part of the flash. A damp cloth is also useful in clearing out smudges. Just make sure to wipe the camera with a dry cloth when you are finished.

Give your camera some final cleaning touches

It is important to avoid touching the lens and the LCD of your camera. Using a lens pen is a practical way to refrain from cleaning your lens with your shirt. Lastly, you can choose to have a professional service clean your camera for you.