Some of the effective ways to publicize a charity function are to get a media organization to sponsor the event, look for a media spokesperson, make and hand out a press release, or prepare a pre-event media assembly.

No matter how meticulous the planning and preparations for a charity event are, if it is not able to draw in people to attend or participate, it will fail. The following charity event ideas could help you get the publicity you need for your charity function:

Request sponsorship from a media organization

In exchange for recognition as an event sponsor, many media groups are willing to assist a charity event by providing free promotion. Come up with possible deals that you can offer and identify the type of media exposure that you want. For instance, you can guarantee that the company’s logo will be placed on all your promotional materials in exchange for the company airing an ad for your charity event a stipulated number of times. Present your request for sponsorship through a formal letter and be sure to include details like the reason behind the event.

Find a media spokesperson

A media spokesperson will be in charge of representing the charity event to possible participants and various media organizations covering the affair. If ever the group is affiliated with a celebrity or influential person then you can request that individual to take this responsibility. Volunteers are also a great choice as media representatives as they have hands-on participation and passion for the event. Because they will be conveying the cause that the event is advocating, the person you select for this role must be credible and convincing. They should also be aware of the group’s goals and all the relevant facts needed to further highlight the event’s causes. Once you have successfully assigned a media spokesperson, you can now ask him or her to do interviews and appearances on local TV shows that are willing to broadcast the cause of the event.

Create and send out a press release

You can get different media outlets to know your event by writing an effective press release. A press release is a detailed account of what the affair is all about and presents important information about it in an objective light rather than in a promotional way. Once the press release is complete, you can submit it to media outlets on the Internet or in newsrooms and publications. It is generally advisable to send an event press release one month in advance.

Set up a media gathering before the event

Pre-event affairs are a great way to give coverage to your event even before it has actually happened. You can organize a smaller version of the event and invite the media to cover it. For instance, if the main event is a Halloween function with a pumpkin carving activity, you can have an early pumpkin carving contest and ask media to feature the contest.

If you are able to have your charity event publicized well then you are on your way to achieving success for it.