If you would like to give the special guy in your life a gift basket, know about his interests, find a key gift item, look for more goodies, get a container for the various gifts, customize the container, and organise the items inside.

Whether you’re giving a gift item to your father, husband, boyfriend, brother or maybe good friend, a gift basket is a guaranteed hit. Instead of carefully looking for that one unique gift item, Gift Baskets for Men will allow you to include a variety of unique and exciting things. Adhere to these tips to make a gift basket for your special gentleman in your own life:

Find out about his passions

Before you go to retailer for the gifts to fill the gift basket, be sure to take time to learn about the receiver’s passions. You can ask his family or best buddies questions such as:

* What are his hobbies?

* What kind of music does he tune in to?

* What are his favourite motion pictures?

* What does he love to read?

* What’s his most loved food items?

* Where is his favorite hangout?

Record the facts so you can refer to it when shopping for the gift items later on.

Select a main gift

Your gift basket should contain at least one central gift item. The main gift item may be the coolest and most useful item in the lot. For example, if he enjoys playing sports, you could provide him a gift certificate to a sports store or unusual keepsakes signed by his favorite athlete. It may be something that the recipient wants to have for many years, like a brand new gadget. For additional sentimental value, you may offer him something that you made yourself.

Look for additional goodies

Now you may start buying for extra items to fill to your gift basket. Put items which are relevant to his passion. In case the recipient is a film buff, give him the latest DVD of his favourite actor or director or maybe a ticket to a movie theatre. Include edible treats, like a variety of delicacies from a gourmet shop, something you cooked yourself or a variety of fresh fruits.

Get a container for the different gift items

The gift basket doesn’t need to be a conventional basket. You can use any container as long as it is big enough to keep the different gift items you have prepared.

Personalize the container

Customise the container so it will be as unique as the gifts inside it. You may choose a certain concept based on the receiver’s personality and preferences. For instance, if the receiver is sporty and athletic, you could design the basket so it resembles the color and logo of his favorite sports team. If he likes comics, line the basket with pages from comic books. You could also decorate the basket using ribbons and fancy wrapping paper.

Arrange the items inside

Once you have personalized the container, start organizing the items inside it. Be very creative with your arrangement. You may position the central piece at the bottom of the box and compile the extra goodies over it.

Once the basket is loaded, close it with a ribbon or gift wrapping paper. Don’t forget to attach a gift card with a special dedication.