DMCA to protect your website’s contents

DMCA are really doing their work. Don’t think they just take the money without actually doing their work. As some of you know, I own several hosting businesses. I did received a lot of emails from DMCA to suspend some hosting accounts who are hosting copyrighted materials. Most of the time, are some of the customers who purchase VPS from me and host a video sharing site. They hosted some very new movies and usually the take down order was come from Sony Entertainment and other movie making companies.

Sometimes, these customers agree to remove these copyrighted contents, and I replied to DMCA and they check to make sure the copyrighted contents is removed, then close the case. Sometimes, some very stubborn customers, refuse to remove them, so I have no choice, but to suspend their account. After all, they did violated the “Terms Of Service” of my hosting service where they are told to not hosting copyrighted stuffs own by other people without permission, and bla bla bla…

Anyway, DMCA have the rights to order me to remove the contents, because majority servers are located in USA. If the server that is hosting copyrighted materials are hosted somewhere outside of USA, DMCA do not have the jurisdiction to execute the take down and they can be ignored. This is because, the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” is a USA law, it means they only have power within USA, not other countries.

Lets say if you host “Ironman” on a website, which the server is located in Jaring data center, and they send you an email telling you to remove that movie, you can just simply reply them with “Fuck You” in the email, and they can’t do anything about it. The only one who can do this in Malaysia, is RIM. RIM is the one that have jurisdiction in Malaysia.

But well, it is better to have a DMCA logo on your website, just like the one I have at the right bottom corner of this website. Because it is best to at least protect your contents from those copycats who host their websites at USA. Majority of the websites nowadays are hosted in USA, so that means your contents are consider well protected and you have higher chances take down the stolen contents.

Here I would like to remind you one very important thing. If you did not subscribe the “Website Protection Pro”, the one time take down service is very expensive. They charge US$199 for a one time take down service. So I assume you will only use this service if the contents are worth more than US$199.

Well, at least when people sees the DMCA logo, they will think twice before they steal anything from your website. Which works pretty well for my websites so far. And if someone I don’t like, try to steal my contents, I think I am willing to spend US$199 to kill of their website. It is kinda worth to see they lost everything, if they did pissed me off in the past. Muahahahaha!!!!

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 DMCA to protect your website’s contents by Garfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • MakLaN

    As far as i know Creative Commons does not offer legal service like DMCA right?

    • Correct.
      Creative Commons is only for us to generate the rules of using the website’s contents/pictures only.
      And if not mistaken, they also keep a database on when the code is generated.
      If the contents was stolen by some copycats, it is none of their business, we have to settle ourself.
      This is the reason why I have both Creative Commons and DMCA badge in this website.