Sungei Wang has just announced their Aidilfitri theme for the year; Lip-Lap Lip-Lip Raya during the launching of their month long Aidilfitri celebration in the mall.

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Sungei Wang Plaza has invited underprivileged children to share the Ramadan and Aidilfitri joy, and the children were treated to a fun day out at the mall.

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There were performances by local artists and cultural performances by JKKN performers.

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The children were treated to a sumptuos breaking fast session in Nandos, and it is by far the most enjoyable breaking fast session that I’ve had so far as the children were treated like VVIP in Nandos and the Sungei Wang staffs,bosses and media all get to sit and eat together with the kids instead of being segregrated.

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A 4 year old girl with her caretaker
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A girl breaking fast

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Celebrity guests sharing the food with each other.This is indeed the true spirit of Ramadan togetherness.

To enchance the festive mood, a series of exciting activities are planned for all shoppers. There will be kuih making demonstration to learn how to make traditional kuih by celebrity Ifa Raziah on 19&25 June and  l  2&3 July, there will be Raya Cookies making demo by Bagus, a baking culinary academy as well. The academy will be giving away 1,000 traditional cookies making books and 500 boxes of cookies to lucky shoppers. Apart from that, there will be Teh Tarik demonstration and a Miss Kebaya fashion showcasing.

Shoppers who spend a minimum of RM150 in a maximum of 2 accumulated receipts gets to to redeem a set of Exclusive Sungei Wang Plaza colourful coasters as well.

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