Fancy a winter getaway without booking a flight out of the country? Well, here’s one place you might want to consider, the Snow World in Resorts World Genting.


With temperatures as low as -9° Celsius, Snow World, Resorts World Genting is not just about an artificial snow theme park but practically a world of snow. Here is where you can experience a sub-zero environment, complete with life-like snowfalls, changing day-to-night sceneries, warm igloo houses, and relics of ancient Roman castles. Apart from that, there is also Toboggan for thrill seekers to take on.


I’ve visited Snow World for with my family before during some of our weekend getaways a couple of years ago, but it’s all for the sake of pure fun and photo opportunity. This time around, Resorts World Genting happens to organized the Snow World Influencers Sub-Zero challenge where participants are required to stay for as long as they can in Snow World and my Adrenaline addict wife all but drag me and son to participate in the challenge as well. Last month she dragged me diving to celebrate our anniversary and this round, this. To be honest it’s really a surprise. The last time she visited Snow World, she couldn’t even stand being in there for 15 mins and now she’s saying she wanted to join everyone else in the challenge. Forgive me when I say I’m kinda skeptical about it.


Well, let it not be said that I’m a spoilsport and so I decided to humour her and accompany her. Here’s a picture of the participants for the Sub-zero challenge at Snow World, Resorts World Genting. The Sub-zero challenge is some sort of endurance challenge where participants are allowed only minimal clothings alongside with provided jacket and boots.


Only one layer of clothings is allowed and no heating items or thermal undergarments are allowed during the challenge and I must say, it’s not an easy feat for all participants. Myself included.


The temperature during the challenge was -9° Celsius and it even hit an occasional -10° Celsius according to our smartphones and smartwatches’ thermometer readings.


The temperature practically freezes us to the bones and most of us had a hard time adapting at first. My son and I gave up and surrendered after 1 hour while the rest continued with the challenge.


What’s interesting to note about the challenge is that all the challengers are so resilient that nobody actually gives up and tie breaker were issued. At 2hr30 minutes, they were asked to take off their jackets and at 3hr, gloves were taken away. My wife surendered a few minutes after taking the glove off, saying that it’s too cold for her to handle while the rest continued with the challenge.


The remaining challengers are a resilient lot. The organizer had to practically end the challenge as nobody would give up and they decided on the winners through making draws. The record was 3hr50 minutes for the rest. That’s a wow, isn’t it? I guess this is all about mind over matter, and in my wife’s case, even more so.
She couldn’t even tolerate anything below 16’celcius on normal days and would be complaining about cold days or the car air-conditioner being too cold and she managed to stay longer than I do.


One for the album with all participants and organizers of the challenge. I didn’t win anything but the experience itself is absolutely priceless and given another chance to participate in another challenge similar to this, I would want to try to break my personal record of 1 hour mark in Snow World. Thank you Resorts World Genting for the organizing the challenge and the memorable experience.

Anyway, Snow World is really a must visit attraction in Resorts World Genting and I really recommend it if you want to experience the sub-zero weather.

Below is all the info you need about Snow World:

Entrance Ticket Details For Snow World 

Snow World ticket for children 3-11 years old or below 76cm

·         Malaysian: RM 30
·         Non-Malaysian: RM 40

Snow World ticket price for adult 12 – 59 years old

·         Malaysian: RM 40
·         Non-Malaysian: RM 50

Snow World price for senior citizen 60 years old & above

·         Malaysian: RM 30
·         Non-Malaysian: RM 40

The ticket price is inclusive of rental of jackets, boots & gloves.

Location: Level 2, First World Plaza

Opening hours:

Weekday: 10am – 10.30pm
Weekend: 9am – 11.30pm

For more information, visit

Pictures credit to: Penaberkala & Marvin