Resorts World Genting has taken the effort to honour women who are also mothers literally to a higher level during Mother’s Day. They invited the RWG influencers to spend a day of fun where they not only get to experience new things, but bring back beautiful memories as well.

The day started pretty early. A group of influencers departed from Wisma Genting, Kuala Lumpur in the morning to the foot of the hill; Awana Skyway where they board the new glass floor gondola for a direct trip up to the new SkyAvenue Skyway Station.

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RWG influencers at Awana Station while queing up for the glass floor gondola.

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The journey from Awana Skyway to the SkyAvenue station merely takes about 10 minutes ride. Touching down SkyAvenue station, it was already noon and time for lunch. Invited influencers are assigned to designated outlets at SkyAvenue for lunch.

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I Love Yoo. One of the outlet visited for lunch. This outlet is located at Level 4 of Sky Avenue, offering light and easy all time Malaysian favourite food; porridge. What better to comfort your growling tummy than a bowl of porridge with a side of You Tiao? I can’t think of anything better than this. And the best part? These does not cost a bomb at all.

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Another outlet visited after lunch; Hot&Rolls. Definitely a must visit outlet if you are looking for some grab&go kind of snacks that’s fuss-free and easy to eat. Hot&Rolls offer a variety of thin and crispy pancakes, pratas and chappatis with choices of sweet or savoury fillings. In the pic: Crispy Chicken Ham Roll in the making

 photo received_507408592924400_zpsthdd5z2s.jpeg

Chicken Ham Roll, ready for our gastronomic pleasure.

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There were plenty of interesting activities in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting during Mother’s Day. And here’s one of the unforgettable one, Mother’s Day flashmob at SkyAvenue.

Mother’s Day 2017 Flashmob at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

Uploaded by K Network Media on 2017-05-17.

Watch the video. Flashmob dancers actually invited the onlookers to dance along with them before presenting flowers to mothers who were present that day.

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As part of their CSR program, Resorts World Genting has also invited single mothers from Raub and their children for a fun day out at Resorts World Genting on Mother’s Day. The single mothers and the children were treated to a sumptuos steamboat meal at Resort Seafood and fun time in SnowWorld before they were given hampers as a token of appreciation.

Come teatime, all of us were given a list of outlets at SkyAvenue where we can redeem our teatime snacks at.There were a total 6 of them. Gindaco, Madame Waffle, Inside Scoop, Just Heavenly, Tokyo Secret and Gong Cha.

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Gindaco was our first stop. Gindaco is a snack counter that sells all time favourite Japanese snack; Takoyaki (octopus balls).

 photo FB_IMG_1494931152622_zpsfzuabdgm.jpg

The takoyaki are made upon order to retain its freshness and here’s some takoyaki in the making

 photo FB_IMG_1494931155154_zpslpxczsvu.jpg


 photo FB_IMG_1494931162994_zpsamyojkd5.jpg

Madame Waffle was our second stop. This outlets served assorted premium waffles with a selection of coffee or tea.

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Our waffle, the original Madame Waffle’s waffle.

 photo FB_IMG_1494931170946_zpstppxivca.jpg

Tokyo Secret was our third stop. This outlet offers assorted Hanjyuku Cheesecakes and Cheesetarts. Hanjyuku Cheesetart and Cheesecake.

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Next on our list was Inside Scoop. This outlet serves assorted premium ice creams, waffles and affagatos.

 photo FB_IMG_1494931179006_zpsnzf84rmr.jpg

A variety of ice creams for you to choose from.

 photo FB_IMG_1494931181712_zpsglxgoawv.jpg

Our treat from Inside Scoop; Buttermilk Waffle and Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream.

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Gong Cha was the last outlet visited.

 photo FB_IMG_1494931187057_zpsimkhc9sw.jpg

There are plenty of milktea items on Gong Cha’s menu, but we had these: Refreshing wintermelon milk tea and Milktea with Herbal Jellies. Tastewise, they are okay. Great for milktea lovers.

It was indeed a good experience for both mothers and influencers; to spend a fun day out at Resorts World Genting on Mother’s Day. Thank you Resorts World Genting for the wonderful experience.