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Wait a minute, did I say a sports enthusiasts lair? Well yes, I certainly did as Resorts World Genting has been a a venue host to plenty of runs and challenges that gathers sports enthusiasts from not only in Malaysia but from all around the world as well. Trading is also quite popular and so is spread betting especially with the help of Pointspromo.codes.

Opening its door once again to sports enthusiasts, like it has done before in the past, Resorts World Genting became a host to one of the most anticipated sports event in Malaysia; the Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain by Viper Challenge 2016 just last weekend.

The Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain by Viper Challenge 2016 gathered some 10,000 challengers who had to go through 10km of run with 15 obstacles scattered around Resorts World Genting properties before they are officially declared as the King of The Mountain.

 photo IMG_6853_zpsuxto44ii.jpg

Flagging off at the starting line at The Ranch in Genting Highlands was as early as 8am. Participants were flagged off by wave. Each wave released about 1,000 challengers to face the obstacle challenges.

 photo IMG_6652_zpsmcofwvgu.jpg

Challengers, all pumped up and excited to face their challenges.

 photo IMG_6687_zpsikrc3lqy_edit_1472405193747_zpszn86sw4s.jpg

One of the first few obstacles; The Bloated Belly. This is located at the Awana Driving Range. Participants need to climb onto the huge inflated balloon to pass the obstacle.

 photo IMG_6694_zpshbunuu0x.jpg

At Awana Teambuilding Pond, The Water Net Crawl awaits.

 photo IMG_6720_zpss7wkzguq.jpg

This obstacle course calls for teamwork and helping each other out in order to lift the net and pass through it. Not an eadt feat but faithfully holding true to the tagline of Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Challenge by Viper 2016: Leave no one behind, everyone helps each other out during each obstacles that they encountered.

 photo IMG_6756_zps7xbbelyq.jpg

The Monkey Bar Split

Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain Challenge 2016: Monkey Bar Split

The Monkey Bar Split takes alot of swinging and hanging efforts.

 photo IMG_6763_zpsrmox2vpb.jpg

Slightly similar to The Bloated Belly obstacle, this is the Cargo Net Climb.

Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain 2016: Cargo Net Climb

This obstacle course were located at Awana Longhouse.

 photo IMG_6767_zpsvhncxcfo.jpg

A closer look at the Cargo Net Climb challenge.

 photo IMG_6805_zpszoggsvd6.jpg

Under Armour’s obstacle was reportedly one of the toughest challenge according to some of the participants.

Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain 2016: Obstacale 10

 photo IMG_6830_zpsasddhinh.jpg

Challengers were supposed to swing along without falling down into the water.

 photo IMG_6818_zpsby0hpjqa.jpg

But of course it is easier than it looks and many ended up falling into the water and swam across to complete the challenge instead.

 photo IMG_7077_zpscrzfjcfr.jpg

10km and 15 obstacles is definitely not an easy feat, but as far as the Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain by Viper 2016 challenge goes, nobody were left behind.

 photo IMG_6904_zpspulyllfk.jpg

Survivors of the challenge posing with their medals.

But of course the fun does not just ended there at the finish line. It’s not just about medals and recognition. It is also about having fun and of course, whenever there’s sports event, there’s surely a carnival to follow. Or at least in Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain challenge, there’s a carnival alongside to it to fuel the hungry challengers and their supporters.

 photo 20160820_120014_zpsnw4h2goq.jpg

Foodtrucks spotted at The Ranch at Gohtong Jaya, selling food and drinks.

 photo 20160820_115928_zps7qzcpbuw.jpg

Roasted chicken on rack. This was one of the bestsellers during the event. I was told that these were prepared specially by the chefs in Resorts World Genting.

 photo IMG_7012_zpstroz9k5o.jpg

Good food, clean and healthy good fun that fosters friendship and teamwork, now, this is an event that everyone should be apart of, and it does not matter if you decided to join the challenge or just be a supporter.

Feeling sad that you have missed this Great Eastern Genting King of The Mountain by Viper Challenge? No worries, considering the huge success, I’m sure that Resorts World Genting will be opening their door for more sports events to welcome sports enthusiasts nationwide and worldwide in the future again soon. So just keep your eyes peeled for ongoing events and updates in Resorts World Genting here: