SkyAvenue Resorts World Genting does not lack fast food restaurants, but if you can’t live without your delicious fix of fried chicken from fast food joints, here’s two noteworthy fried chicken joints; Texas Chicken and Nene Chicken.

Texas Chicken


Texas Chicken is a fast-food chain that’s offering fried chicken, sandwiches and Southern-influenced sides.


Here’s some simple meal that’s popular among those who wants some quickie meal; 2 pcs chicken combo set with drinks, cheesy fries and dessert.

If you are looking for a quick, hassle-free bite that is not only delicious but is affordable as well, Texas Chicken is definitely the place.

Texas Chicken is located at Level 4 T2C- B07 SkyAvenue.

Nene Chicken

Founded in South Korea in 1999, with the philosophy of providing a happy and positive lifestyle, NeNe Chicken very quickly became one of the nation’s favourite fried chicken brands.


The word “Ne” in Korean means “Yes”. Hence, “Nene Chicken” means “Yes Yes Chicken”.


The ever popular Korean fried chicken is usually fried to golden brown and coated with a variety of sauces, spicy or otherwise. At Nene Chicken, their chicken went through a batter-dip process where oil does not seep into the chicken meat, hence keeping the meat juicy and the batter crispy.

Nene Chicken is located at Level 4 of SkyAvenue at the al-fresco dining area.

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