Have sweet tooth? Dessert lovers? No worries. There are plenty in SkyAvenue. Here’s listing some, in case you would like to indulge in some while you are there.

Madame Waffles


Madame Waffles kioks keeps everything simple. What they are offering are mostly waffles that can be grab and go.


Apart from serving sweet waffles topped with ice creams, they also have this; Durian Crepe. A must try for all lovers of all things durian.

Madame Waffles is located at Level 1 T2-40 of SkyAvenue.


Gindaco is a small outlet in SkyAvenue that sells the famous Japanese street snack, Takoyaki.


Gindaco is serving some really nice ones and is a must try if you love Japanese street food.


Takoyaki with Ebimayo from Gindaco. A luxurious version of Takoyaki as it is smothered generously with Ebimayo sauce that contains alot of prawn bits on it.

Gindaco is located at Level 1 T2-18 of SkyAvenue.


IIaoIIao is an outlet that sells a wide range of froyo (frozen yogurts) ice creams.


Froyo are definitely a healthier choice of desserts as they are basically just frozen yogurts made into ice creams.


It is different from ice milk and conventional soft serve as they contain less fat.You may choose your own toppings for theae ice creams, so go ahead and customize your own dessert to your liking.

IIaoIIao is located at Level 1 T2-43 of SkyAvenue.

Dream Color

Dream Color tops the list of the pretty, edible things in SkyAvenue.


Dream Color offers beautifully coloured fruit juices and milkshakes that changes their colours when you shake em up prior drinking.


Here’s some of their bestsellers; Dream Dragon, Twilight and Milkyway. They are also offering simple snacks like Chicken Sausage with Egg on a stick for you to enjoy with your drinks.

Dream Color is located at Level 1 of SkyAvenue.

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