Growing up as a typical Chinese boy, I was fully exposed to all the Chinese martial arts shows on TV. Among the famous ones I’ve watched while growing up was Wong Fei Hung, Drunken Master, Enter The Dragon and many more. Never heard of them? Well, if you haven’t, then you are probably too young or haven’t been born. These are famous during 80s and 90s, during my growing up years. These movies features plenty of martial art styles from different sects like Wing Chun, Shaolin Kungfu and many more.

I have always been fascinated by all the martial art moves and I too, learned abit of martial art myself; the Tang Soo Do when I was a kid. It’s a form of martial art similar to Taekwondo, but I didn’t exactly get the opportunity too serious about it due to certain circumstances as a a kid.

Anyway, speaking of Chinese martial arts, among the oldest institutionalised styles of Chinese martial arts, Shaolin kung fu is one of the popular and still surviving til today and second to none in terms of beauty and artistry.

And guess what? If you are a kung fu fan or enthusiast, you would be happy to know that this magnificent martial art form will be on full display on stage at Resorts World Genting.

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Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang’s Story. Directly from Broadway to Resorts World Genting, this takes centre stage from 28 May to 26 June 2017. Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang’s Story critically acclaimed show that earned a nomination at the 63rd Tony Awards in 2009, it has held more than 500 performances worldwide in such countries as the US, Australia, Italy, Norway, India, Korea, Turkey, Macau, Hong Kong, and Turkey.When it opened at Marquis Theater on Broadway in January 2009, all its seven performances were sold out and Jan 15 was promptly proclaimed China on Broadway Day by New York City.

My family and I were given the opportunity to actually watch this Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang’s Story during our most recent visit to Resorts World Genting during the ongoing Genting International Children’s Festival 2017, and here’s sharing with you all about it.

Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang’s Story is about the life of a Shaolin monk. The tale begins with a woman who is forced to abandon her son when she finds herself pursued by a group of bandits.

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The woman hides her child among tall grass before jumping off a cliff in her effort to evade capture.

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The group of bandits

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The child is later found by Na Luo, a Shaolin kung fu monk, who also picks up a piece of broken jade he finds near the former.

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Na Luo tending to the child

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The child is being taken to the Shaolin temple to be raised among the monks.

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Years go by, and the child, named Hui Guang, grows strong and healthy.

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Hui Guang was raised and taught by Na Luo and also Miao Xing, the abbot of Shaolin Temple.

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Hui Guang while growing up

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A scene from the story

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Beautifully choreographed scene

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Beautiful formation on display

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Hui Guang all grown up

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Hui Guang’s past is not hidden from him; the truth is revealed to him, along with the piece of jade.

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Depressed upon learning about his tragic past, Hui Guang gets drunk and ends up provoking other monks. He is then punished by Miao Xing who places him in a cave known as Bodhidharma. As it turns out, Hui Guang learns about being a paragon of virtue that it is the real soul of Shaolin.

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The story continues with him later crossing paths with his mother. Still out looking for her son, she once again finds herself in trouble when she runs into some ruffians. Hui Guang and Na Luo come to her aid, and while fighting off the hoodlums, the former loses his piece of broken jade. When his mother comes upon it later, she searches for him at his temple. Mother and son are reunited and both wish to leave the temple to begin life anew. Unfortunately, temple rules dictate that a monk that wishes to leave, must fight his way out.

Now, I won’t spoil your experience watching this Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang’s Story by telling you what happened next, but I promise you that these are real Shaolin Kungfu we’re talking about. The kungfu styles are absolutely real and amazing. During the show you will get to see real Shaolin monks performing REAL Shaolin kungfu moves with no fillers or eye tricks. It is not only action packed but filled with emotional scenes and moral values as well. Thumbs up for this and I would rate it more than 10 stars if I could.

Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang’s Story will be held at Genting International Showroom at 9pm or 4pm*, from 28 May to 26 June 2017. There will be two shows at 4pm and 9pmon 24 June. A total of 22 shows are scheduled, with each screening lasting 90 minutes (with 10 minutes intermission).

Tickets for Soul of Shaolin: the Story of Hui Guang are priced at RM156 (VIP), RM126 (PS1), RM96 (PS2). GRC (Genting Rewards Card) members enjoy a 10% discount.

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit