Something really interesting that will bring you back to the golden era of HK entertainment industry is going on in Resorts World Genting. Remember Leon Lai, Jackie Cheung, Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok? If you don’t know who they are or not familiar with them, you are probably too young, then.

Leon Lai, Jackie Cheung, Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok were really famous in the 80s and 90s and were dubbed as the Four Heavenly Kings of Hong Kong Entertainment and they are now back in action in Malaysia. Well, okay I lied. Not really them in person, but their impersonators. And guess what? They are really, really good. Almost like the real thing.

I was given the opportunity to watch them perform with my family during my most recent visit to Resorts World Genting and thought that these four young men aren’t just the Four Heavenly Kings impersonators. They are talented entertainers in their own rights too. The four have won awards at the MCOMEI 2014 Fashion Festival and other competitions featuring impersonators. Beyond Hong Kong and Macau, the quartet has performed at Harrah’s Reno in the US and currently will be mesmerizing audiences in Resorts World Genting, Malaysia throughout August and September 2016.

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Tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings in Genting International Showroom

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The Four Heavenly Kings look-alikes —Leon Li as Leon Lai, Ken as Aaron Kwok, Andy Wah as Andy Lau and Wah D as Jacky Cheung— at Resorts World Genting during The Tribute to The Four Heavenly Kings performance. All four were dressed in pilot uniforms exactly like the real Heavenly Kings complete with authentic singing, dance moves and mannerisms. Some songs that were performed were classic songs like Andy Lau’s ‘Yat Hei Zau Go Dek Yat Ji‘, Aaron Kwok’s Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan, Leon Lai’s Jin Ye Ni Hui Bu Hui Lai, and Jacky Cheung’s Er Lang Chuan Shuo.

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This is Leon Li. He has also won several awards for his impersonating efforts and has since 2007 performed with Wah D, Ken and Andy Wah in various concerts.

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He was Leon Lai’s substitute in the movie, One Night Surprise.

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Wah D performing. Wah D is a Hakka Chinese pop music pioneer and has won a number of awards for his work in impersonating Jacky Cheung.

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In 2000, he was the champion in the Beijing TV Jacky Cheung impersonating competition, and in 2004, he won a similar competition for Hong Kong’s TVB.

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Andy Wah on the other hand is Andy Lau’s impersonator and has performed alongside with Andy Lau, in the superstar’s World Tour concert a number of times.

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He performed beautifully.

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Ken, Aaron’s Kwok’s double not only in moves but also in vocal. He has also won several awards. In 2008, he was invited by HBS to perform at a Christmas concert and in 2011, he won yet another competition for being the “strongest vocal imitator.”

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He delivered an energetic and sensational performance during Tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings that night with fans screaming enthusiastically for more.

If you are a fan of the Four Heavenly Kings and missed them, it would be a good idea to go up Resorts World Genting and watch them perform in Tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings performance.

Tribute To 4 Heavenly Kings will be ongoing from Aug 20 to Sept 9 (except Aug 23 & 30 and Sept 6) at 9pm at Genting International Showroom, Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands, Pahang. Tickets are priced at RM129 and RM99. For more information on Tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings, please call 03-2718 1118 or visit