Being married is not easy. It doesn’t take just love or plain lust to make it work, but also hard work and effort to be together. I’ve been with my wife for 12 going on 13 years and it is not quite a walk in the park for us. Sometimes things are not so sunny in paradise. A few wrong turns and some rainstorms every now and then, but we do make effort to brave the storm and survive it regardless. We are still together as husband and wife, against all odds.

As I mentioned earlier, it is not easy to be married. You can’t take anything for granted, especially your spouse’s feelings. Ladies, or rather wives are particularly sensitive, even if they pretend they are not and doesn’t show it. Trust me. If your wife really loves you, they would want you to spend as much time as you can with them. So, husbands, sometimes gifts or token of love although it is much appreciated, is immaterial.

Somewhat growing up together(she was my college sweetheart), my wife loves to date me and spend time with me. She is a bit young at heart and somehow never got out of college in some ways. Loves dating, play bowling, go to the movies, and traveling, but as an engineer time is a commodity that I don’t always have. Work demands most of my time. I rarely even have time for myself.

Although I make the best of effort to make her happy by obliging to her whim and fancy and spend as much time as I can with her and our son;  I always find that time is always envious. We had to make the best of weekends and public holidays to do stuff that we love to do before reality and work intrudes. And as the age catches up, I feel so worn out and tired. VERY TIRED. At some point I felt so drained and exhausted to the point I couldn’t even concentrate on anything, what more focus on my wife and son when I’m with them.

Lack of time and energy because you are too busy working is quite a relationship killer, I must say, adding up to the financial stress and whatnot. It can make a marriage rather ‘stormy’. Husbands out there would agree with me on that, I’m sure.

Although I have no suggestions on how you can improve the ‘lack of time’ part, I do have some tricks up my sleeve where both men and women alike can remedy the ‘lack of energy’ part of the problem.

Boosting your energy help your relationship in a sense that you could focus to spend your quality time with your spouse or partner. Trust me, it makes a lot of difference. Nobody likes to spend time, or make love with a zombified partner who looks like he or she has just stepped out of Twilight Zone. If you can’t be focused and going to zone out whenever you are with your loved ones, you might as well don’t do it at all and just go get a good night sleep.

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Products by Felda Wellness Corporation

I was recently introduced to this product by Felda Wellness Corporation; NEUTRAX Original and NEUTRAX Therapy Oil, a natural wonder. The product claims to help improve your health inside out.

I was skeptical at first, but after almost about 3 weeks using these two products, I feel quite different. It is positively a natural wonder. 🙂

So now, dear readers, allow me to elaborate and share with you about these two fabulous products.

First, let me share with you the benefits of NEUTRAX Original.

The 5As benefits of Neutrax Original :

1)Anti Microbial – Manage diabetes, kills candida fungus, curb infections. 
2)Anti Inflammatory – Reduce and manage gout. arthritis, rheumatism, fibroyalga, diabetis. 
3)Anti-Oxidant – Prevent Alzheimer, slows aging and promote cell regeneration. 
4)Active Lipid – Reduces bad cholesterol, reduces risk of heart diseases, boost metabolism. 
5)Active Immunity – Manage asthma and severe eczema, speed up recovery process. 

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NEUTRAX Original is a premium quality Superfood like no other. It is actually Cultured Coconut Extract (CCE)with Bio-Lipopeptide; made through a proprietary advanced microaerophilic fermentation process using carefully selected coconut milk that is ethically harvested at a specific maturity. 

NEUTRAX Original contains extraordinary immune boosting lauric acid, found only in breast milk, which is known to improve energy levels, boost immunity, regulate hormones, stabilise sugar levels, and boost the cellular healing process.

NEUTRAX Original is fairly easy to use. It is to be taken orally. 😉 NEUTRAX Original can be taken:

* 2 tablespoons daily; (unless instructed otherwise by doctor or health advisor)

* NEUTRAX Original can be taken on its own or can be mixed with food or beverage

Take a look at the video of Arief Farhan, a busy young entrepeuneur, entertainer who also happens to be a NEUTRAX Original user,demonstrating how to consume NEUTRAX Original and telling us the effect on him. Interview credit goes to Cleffairy.

Easy right? Very fuss free! 🙂 As it is Pure Coconut Extract, it is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mother, so gentlemen, if your wife is pregnant or breastfeeding, you might want to consider adding NEUTRAX Original as her supplement. It would be helpful to increase her immunity as well as boost up her energy. 🙂 But do play safe if you wanna consume this. Consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product

One thing you should note though, the product may solidify if stored below 24’c but it does not change its nutritional value.

I take NEUTRAX Original twice daily. Initially I did not see much difference, but constantly taking it for two weeks consecutively non-stop, my wife told me that I look different. She said I’m much more alert and much more energetic. She also mentioned that I’m much more focused and much more amorous in the bedroom department. The improvements have been gradual, but I realized that she is right. The changes has been rather gradual so I didn’t really noticed, but I do feel different now. Less tired, much more energetic and could focus on what I’m doing much better. Apart from feeling much more rejuvenated, I also noticed that I no longer constipate. I suppose true to it’s claim, NEUTRAX Original helps to detox too, hence I feel greater and much healthier.

My wife is much happier now as I’m not tired all the time when we spend quality time together and couldn’t stop trying to touch me and being all lovey dovey. Good thing, I guess? She mentioned my skin improves and I smell better too. I guess I can thank Neutrax Therapy Oil for that. 😉

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As I mentioned earlier, I’m not only using NEUTRAX Original but NEUTRAX Theraphy Oil too. NEUTRAX Therapy Oil Intense Beauty Care’s potent formula is 100% plant based, with Bio-Lipopeptide.

Here’s some of the benefits of using NEUTRAX Therapy Oil.

 1. Deep moisturising for healthy glow 
 2. Protects against extreme weather, environment pollution, and lifestyle stresses 
 3. Regulates sebum production – Cell renewal and restoration (eg skin with burns & scars) 
 4. Prevents premature aging 
 5.Protects against UVA/UVB oxadative stress 
 6. Rehydrates skin/hair, uneven skin tone, pigmented, sensitive and irritated skin (eg acne, eczema) 

NEUTRAX Therapy Oil is highly absorbent, with added Geranium essential oil, which is known to regulate hormones, relieve stress, reduce inflammation and irritation.

Apart from that, it also alleviate the effects of menopause, improve circulation, tighten skin for healthier and more beautiful skin, hair and nails. So guys, I highly recommended for ladies to use this too. 🙂

It is also easy to use. Check out the video of another NEUTRAX Therapy Oil user to show how to use the product.
Video credit to Cleffairy.

This gentle, mineral-free formula is suitable for daily use. Apply three (3) to four (4) drops to clean, damp skin as part of your morning and evening skincare regime. Massage into skin with gentle, circular motions, and watch it slowly work wonders on you. 😉

Apart from using NEUTRAX Therapy Oil on my skin, I also applied some in my scalp after shower, and it helps quite a lot with my dandruff woes and I can now wear dark and black clothing without having to worry about those snowy flakes looking visible on my clothes.

My life, personal and professional life have changed for the better with Neutrax. I feel better, look better and feel happier. 🙂 Won’t you want to lead a better and a higher quality lifestyle like me? 😉

For more information on NEUTRAX Original and NEUTRAX Therapy Oil, you may check these out:



Careline: 1-800-222-FWC (392)