Looking for a quick fix for the ever famous local delicacy, nasi lemak in the city? Here’s one place you could consider, MyNasi Midvalley.

They provide takeout and dine  ins. Here is what they have to offer.

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MyNasi, Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, MyLaksa with Cockles, Assorted Side Dishes, Taufu Telur and Otak-Otak Muar.

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Their specialty: assorted selection of Nasi Lemak. Managed to try this, MyNasi set (RM10.90) with whole chicken thigh. As usual, it’s served with a side of sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts and a a slice of boiled eggs.

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MyLaksa with Cockles (RM8.90) is actually rice noodles served with thick, creamy curry, topped with condiments like blanched beansprouts, fried tofu, a slice of halved boiled egg, chives, cockles and of course, sambal.

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Mee Rebus (RM8.00). Yellow noodles served with spicy tapioca gravy with condiments. The usual suspects like fried tofu, boiled eggs, blanched beansprouts is of course there.

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Mee Siam (RM8.00). Rice vercimille served with sweet, spicy and savoury sauce. 

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Fried Chicken  Wings (RM3.50) per piece.

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Additional side dishes like breaded fried fish, fried fish, chicken luncheon meat, chicken sausages etc can be ordered separately. Price per piece of these is Rm2 and above.

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The house special, Taufu Telur (RM7.90) It’s merely a smooth tofu fried in omelete style, drizzled with sweet soya sauce and topped with shredded cucumber and carrots, but this humble dish is delicious enough to warrant a second or third helping.

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Otak-Otak Muar and other snacks is also available for you to enjoy

Overall, the dining experience here in MyNasi Midvalley is decent.

Here’s the restaurant’s details should you need a quick meal fix:

My Nasi, Mid Valley Megamall
Lot LG074A, Lower Ground Floor
T: +603 2202 3099

Operation hours – 8am – 10pm

Open Daily
Delivery service is available in the vicinity of Midvalley area.