Note: This is not a paid post. But just posting this post because of frustrated with some fucktards posting shitty comments regarding this wonderful ads.

I believe some of you had watched this Coca-Cola advertisement in Facebook.
It had been circulating around these few days.

Coca-Cola had assembled Americans of different ethnics to produced the “America Is Beautiful” in 9 different languages. They are Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, Senegalese-French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Keres, Arabic and English.

In the ads, it features all races living in the U.S, even features a gay couples, highlighting that there are multiple cultures in the U.S.

This ads suppose to be a very wonderful ads, and people should praise Coca-Cola for this good effort in promoting unity. Well, there are a lot people who praise their good effort on this, but there are also a lot of fucktards criticizing this ads, posting hate comments, saying “America Is Beautiful” should only be sing in English, and singing it in other languages is just tarnishing the song!?

There are even some stupid comments like “Hey, they even have terrorist singing the song terrorist in language.” Where they commenting on the Arabic language part of the song. What The Fuck!!!???

Some even commented “Why are there chinks singing the song in Chinese!?”. For you fucktards information, there are a lot of Chinese in the U.S since long time ago, hence, there are China Town in almost every state of the U.S!

Some stupid comments are even more stupid, some of those white “Americans”, thinks that “America Is Beautiful” is their National Anthem. What The Fuck!!!??? I can forgive if they do not know where is the U.S located in the map, and have no idea how to read the map and thought USA is the only thing in a “Map”. Well, a lot of them including the Miss Teen South Carolina of Miss Teen USA 2007 also don’t know much about “Map”. But hey, how can you don’t know which one is your country’s National Anthem!? That is very very very stupid!

I am quite agree that we should not edit/alter the National Anthem, coz it will cause you in deepshit. Namewee should know about that, as he take the Malaysia National Anthem as the base of one of his song, and composed Negarakuku. Well, it is quite a masterpiece, although it is “banned” in Malaysia and having quite some offensive contents in the lyric. 😛

But…. What The Fuck!!!??? The US National Anthem is The Star-Spangled Banner lar! Sohai!!!

Below is how The Star-Spangled Banner sounds like, and it is performed by Lady Gaga. Don’t worry, the video below is safe for under 18, she is not wearing the Sausage-Bacon clothes when singing the anthem.

Eh? Wait, Lady Gaga changed the lyrics during the Gay Rally…
Nevermind, I still have Beyonce sing 1.