Where do you usually spend your weekend at? Well, I usually spend my weekend at work or datacentres. Life is like that. It is not easy to make ends meet. But there are times that I manage to get some time off for myself and my family, and so when that happens, I’ll go to happening places with my wife and son.

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So last weekend, my other half told me that there’s this interesting going on in Matic Jalan Ampang. So I decided, why not. We could check it out. Apparently there’s this funfair for the whole family going on over there. 😀 We woke up early to check it out. The singing competition was already ongoing when we arrived.

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And so is arm wrestling competition. Will you just look at the huge men competing with themselves!

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Paintball competition for extreme sports lovers. Would love to try this but did not come fully prepared in proper sports attire, so I had to scratch that idea. 😀

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The 4×4 Tamiya dudes chilling out before competition.

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The 4×4 Tamiya racing competition attracts quite a crowd. 😀

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This Matic Fest 2013 is family friendly, so of course there’s something for the little ones as well. 😀 The clown, entertaining the kids with his balloon sculptures and jokes.

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There’s also colouring competition for both children and adults. 😀 This one is from the Batik Painting competition.

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Cat lovers will be pleased to know that there’s cat exhibition going on too.

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And not to mention free cat adoption

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And of course, what’s a fun family fair without the food. There are loads of stalls selling all sorts of food from all over Malaysia at a very reasonable price.

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Tourists enjoying Malaysian food. 😀

Overall, my family and I enjoyed Matic Festival 2013. It is pretty much fun and family friendly. For more infos on Matic and activities, hop over HERE