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The Selangor Islamic Festival 2015 is a two day event that aims to be the purveyor of Islamic values by showcasing the religion’s innovation and progress through the perspective of a moderate society.

The Golden Age of Islam has contributed much to the modern establishment of science, medicine, astrology, algebra and many other sectors. Muslim scholars built the world’s first observatory, developed the astrolabe, an instrument once called “a mathematical jewel” and experimented with diet, drugs, surgery, and anatomy. The period also saw advances in Agriculture, with the preservation and improved network of wells, underground canals and waterwheels.

Delivering the messages of Islam to locals and visitors, the festival will showcase some of the finest works of Islam through an exhibition of historical Islamic artefacts, Islamic fashion & food fair, archery competition, music and the arts.

In line with the 2015 Visit Selangor Year (TMS 2015), the festival is an ideal platform to share the rich history of Islam; not just to Muslims but to the masses; sharing a wealth of information that is interesting and that best represents Islam’s diverse range of Islamic oriented innovation and progress.

Selangor Islamic Fest 2015 is an eye-opener for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Tourism Selangor expects 100,000 visitors over the two days, with the majority being domestic visitors. The event will also see fun activities such as archery competitions, fashion sales for men and women and special performances by Nasheed singer Hafiz Hamidun and well as popular rapper Altimet. Cat lovers will also get a chance to see cats at the Muezza cat show and listen to Sham Kamikaze talk about the beloved felines.

2015 was elected as Visit Selangor Year, specifically to promote Selangor both locally and globally to boost the state’s economy and provide returns of investments to all key industrial partners. An enchanting combination of fascinating heritage and natural splendour, Selangor is Malaysia’s most vibrant and accessible state.

One of the country’s most developed states, it nevertheless offers an abundance of enchanting landscapes from glorious waterfalls to rugged hills, national parks to world-class sports centre, and an exhilarating range of things to do. The three main segments on spotlight for the tourism year are Nature, Sports and Heritage.

Date:   30 May 2015, Saturday
Time:   7.45pm
Venue:  Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam