It is an undeniable fact that if you want to survive and be commercially and corporately competitive in any industry, you ought to have a certification in the field that you’re in. Realizing this fact, I know that it is crucial that I get myself certified in the IT industry. If you’ve read my previous post, you’d noticed that I’ve been in the IT industry for quite awhile, but I did not exactly major in IT back when I was studying. Being in a fast-growing industry that is ever-changing, I feel that my knowledge is pretty limited as I only learn through experiments and self-research.

The New INTI International College Subang

I wish to broaden my knowledge, and I thought checking out the new INTI International College Subang during their INTI Edge Festival was quite a good idea as I’ve been considering to further my studies in INTI for quite some time now.

Youtube Celebrity Gathering in INTI Edge Festival

I arrived just in time for the INTI Edge Festival Youtube Celebrity Gathering, featuring Jinnyboy, The Ming Ting, The Grimfilm and many more. The gathering features presentation session where they presented never seen before vids and yet to release singles. The Q&A session was impressive, and I noticed that students who were there during the Youtube Celebrity Gathering session was inspired to be as bold and as daring as the Youtubers.


One of the performance during the Youtube Celebrity Gathering


Great to note that INTI makes this kind of initiative to inspire their students. Makes me feel comfortable as this only proves that INTI is not just there to educate you academically, but to seek to inspire you as well.

Spacious and hi-tech auditorium

The gathering was held in a huge, hi-tech auditorium. It was not only spacious and comfortable, but well designed for students too, in a sense that the sound system is as good as a 5 star cinema and the seats are equipped with power outlet for your laptops or tablets. You definitely wouldn’t miss any details or notes during lectures in auditorium, I reckon.


Exclusive tour around the campus

Anyway, we were given a chance to tour the new campus exclusively after the Youtube Celebrity Gathering session.


There are plenty of classrooms to accommodate students in the new INTI International College Subang

Window to the Mac Lab

And here is the window to the Maclab. No pun intended. :P There are no Windows in the lab. Only MacOS.

Well equipped Mac Lab


The Maclab is well-equipped. There was a total of two Maclabs with a total of 40 Macs .



And the lab could fit 25 students at one go. Particularly interested in IT courses in INTI, I’ve made an enquiry during the exclusive campus tour and was pleased to discover that INTI is not just concentrating on training students to be Windows oriented where IT is concerned, but the syllabus does includes to train IT students to be well-versed in Open Source as well. Very impressive, not many college or universities in Malaysia does that. Most are merely Windows oriented. If you aspire to be a techie that is very competitive, you ought to consider INTI. Being competent in Open Source would mean you’re ahead of the rest in the IT industry. People who are literate where Open Source is concerned are highly sought after. Trust me on that.


The CAD Lab for engineering and architecture students is also awesome, and I bet, anyone who aspire to take up engineering or architecture will drool over the facilities in this lab.


Dance party


The highlight of the tour was the dance party that lasts til midnight, but I was much more interested in what they have to offer in terms of academic. I cannot really comment much on the festival itself as I only manage to go for the Youtube Celebrity Gathering, but I’m sure the rest of the activities during the INTI Edge Festival was awesome. I heard they showcased the college culture through various activities international food tasting/show, graffiti art competition and fashion show as well and it was a huge success.

Courses offered in INTI


Anyhow, I’m pleased to report that they have plenty of courses to offer. After the short tour throughout the campus ground and after taking a look at their modern amnesty and facilities, I’ve come to a conclusion that INTI is an awesome place to study for people like me, considering that they are not only academically oriented, but sought to nurture a well-rounded individual as well. Very inspiring, in my humble opinion.

Night classes are offered too


And I’m happy to note that they are offering night class and weekend class. Certainly a plus point and something that can suit my schedule just fine since I’m a working individual. I can’t possibly sign up for full-time course as I still need to work.




If you are like me and is interested in furthering your studies here in INTI, you may visit for more info.