Nowadays, online banking is already a very common practice for those who Internet savvy.

At old times, online banking was seen as a very dangerous practice, as there was practically no trustworthy security measurement to protect and ensure the transmission of the user’s data which was transmitted over the Internet within the computer with the bank’s server.
Nowadays, this is no longer an issue, since banks nowadays invested a lot in security for their online banking portal.

For example, Maybank Malaysia has done a very good job in securing their online banking portal, the portal.
Myself, I believe that the safety measurement Maybank had prepared for Maybank2u is good enough, as data transmitted over the Internet within the user’s computer with the online banking portal, are secured with 128bit SSL encryption certificate. Therefore, you can worry-less about the safety of the banking portal.

Another safety measurement of, is nothing much, but it is a popup reminder to remind users to double check the URL on the browser’s address bar, and make sure it is the real URL of the portal. And in the same reminder, it also remind users not to click any link via those email they received, to avoid clicked to the fake website and key in any of your account’s detail and have you account stolen. And the third thing which is stated in the popup reminder, is to remind users to double check the “Security Image” with its “Caption” are the same as the ones the users had set themselves.

With all these safety measurement, I had activated my account and using it daily for my banking transactions, as well as checking my account balance anytime I want!

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