If you got read in Facebook or in some newspaper, you should know this bimbo who tried to act smart by asking stupid questions to YB Lim Guan Eng during his debate with Chua CD.

This Jessie Ooi’s picture in her facebook was harvested and had been edited with a lot of tow car advertisements.
And everyone seems to like it.
Of course, I also like it, as these “advertisements” are so damn fucking funny!
Since she wanted to be famous so much and hope that her popularity can make her a YB at the next election, well, we promote her tow car business for her lah.

Besides that, there even some techno songs remixed with the questions she asked during the debate.
I found 3 so far, so just post it up here for sharing.



拖车姐 Jessie Ooi(Ryan Ceriouz Remix)

The 3rd ones doesn’t sound nice at all. But since I found it, so I just post it here.

Miss Tow Car