WordPress.com Users:

Wordpress.com OpenID

Well, this is yet another old screen shot. It still looks similar now anyway.

I assume most of the WordPress.com users do know what is OpenID. From what I see, majority of the bloggers who are using OpenID, are WordPress.com users. After all, the trend of using OpenID for blogging purpose, are started by WordPress.com anyway, although OpenID was not built for blogging purpose at the beginning.

In case if you are a WordPress.com user, but still never used your WordPress.com URL as your OpenID before, you may read this part and try to use your blog’s URL as OpenID to post a comment in this blog. The steps of authentication is similar to using Blogspot ones. You login into your WordPress.com account first, then post your comment, and when you see the screen like the above ones, click either “Yes; just this time” or “Yes; always”.

And of course, by clicking “Yes; just this time”, you will see this screen again next time you want to comment in this blog again. And clicking “Yes; always” will list my blog as a trusted sites in your OpenID permission list.

Since it is OpenID, it also same like Blogspot’s URL, you can use your WordPress blog’s URL to login to any OpenID enabled websites as well. And whats best is, Blogspot even allow you to post comments in any Blogspot blogs with your WordPress.com OpenID.

Wordpress OpenID In Blogspot