Christmas Present From Najib!

Few days ago, I just posted an article about RON97 petrol raised price and I speculate that RON95 will also raise price sometime during Christmas. Guess what? It seems like Najib wanted to give Christmas present at the early of Read More

Christmas Theme For My Blog

As you can see, my blog now had changed to the Christmas theme. So for the whole December, you will be seeing the same theme until early of January 2011. By the way, in this month, I might give away Read More

Debian Netbook-Angel(DN-A) Project Updates

Due to Debian 6 (Squeeze) will be releasing soon, estimated about mid of next year. I find it unnecessary to build DN-A based on Debian 5 (Lenny) anymore. So, it means I will stick to my old plan, using Squeeze Read More

Petrol Will Raise 15

At first, I though it is a rumor. But after found the news, then I am sure it is true. In fact, before I posted this, I just came back from fill up my fuel tank until full! 😛 The Read More