Raya Qurban

Just now when I received this picture at my facebook from one of my Malay friend, only I remember that I not yet write an article for one of the festive season in Malaysia. hehehe

Anyway, myself do not know much about the story, I just know that the one who originally get slaughter was actually Ismail (according to Quran and he is called Isaac according to Bible), not a cow or a goat. And is The God who ordered his father Ibrahim (according to Quran and he is called Abraham according to Bible) to do so in order to prove how obedient he to The God.

Due to I might write something which is incorrect and might cause people feel offended because of not understanding the whole story, so I don’t dare to write about it myself (avoid ISA come and find me, hahahaha). I will just show you some link I found in Google for you to read if you are interested to read about Qurban & Aidil Adha.

Meaning Of Aidil Adha
The Story Of Qurban
All 3 Stories Of Qurban

Anyway, I saw quite a lot of truck transporting cows on the road today. It is a good sign where it shows that more people in Malaysia already become rich. At the other way, I feel pity to those cows…

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