ting a prototype PCB is not a problem anymore . You can either make your own PCB prototype or simply buy one from reputable commercial manufacturers.

In electronics, a printed circuit board (PCB) or otherwise known as a printed wiring board (PWB), is used to make electronic devices. It is flat board where all electrical components are mounted and the where electrical connections between these components are found. To get your own prototype PCB, you can do any of the following:

Make your own PCB prototype

PCB prototypes may sound very complicated to assemble, but if you are keen enough to do it and you have the skills, it will never be a problem for you. There are tutorials all over the internet and in some reading materials on electronics where you can learn how to fabricate PCB prototypes. The common stages that involve the assembly of a PCB include: the adding of solder paste to areas of the board where components need to be soldered, the picking and placing of components on the board, the soldering of the components, the inspection of the board