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There is actually a lot of articles about this, one of them is at this link.

I know I am quite late for writing about this, but anyway, I just feel like want to write about this event. So if you don’t like, just buzz off!

I have attended this event, and found that not much people is really interested in this event, most people don’t even care what message they trying to tell. But I found that people only interested in their GO Celebrate concert (26 September 2008), which it shows how “good” is “Sikap Penyayang Masyarakat Orang Bolehland

This event is basically about Violent Against Woman. As you can read newspaper and watch in the TV news, there is a lot of cases about abusing woman, rape case, incest case (rape kind, I’m not talking about fucking willingly that kind), females get dumped by bf after get pregnant etc.

This event is actually a WAO public education campaign. You may read the info about this event here.

I have visited GOssip’s Website (Which is actually a blog) and found that they do have lots of sponsors and affiliates. And below is the list of these organization.

GOssip Partner:

Supported By:

NGO Partners:

Brand Partner
Main Sponsor:

Official Dance Studio:

Official Pole Dancing Partner: <--- Honestly, I don’t like this one, Pole Dance is a type of sexual manipulation and it signify slavery, I don’t understand why they accept this as one of their sponsor.

Official Merchandiser:

Official Venue Sponsor:

GOssip Brand Founder
and Organiser:

Some of you will ask about “Hey, I heard Sunway Pyramid got sponsor venue, why it is not listed here?”
Want to know the answer? Sunway Pyramid canceled the venue sponsorship, which it is where the GO Celebrate concert should be held. Since they have no other place for the concert, so they have to do the concert at Asia Cafe where there talks and the promotion booth is held.
Therefore, Bla lah! Sunway Pyramid!

They have 3 section for this event.
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