Here are two easy choices of science fair projects about building robots: building a robot using household items and building a robot using robot kits.

A robot project is really fascinating and challenging. This type of science fair projects challenges the designing, building, programming and electronic capabilities of every student. It does not always follow that robot science projects are expensive and difficult all the time. You can work on the simple ones with less budget needed to make them. Here are simple kinds of robot projects available for you to try out:

Building a robot using household items

To build robots with the use of household items can definitely stir the imagination and creativity in students especially in smaller kids. This will absolutely give so much for them to work on. Materials would include old boxes or new card boards, glue, scissors, tin foil, soft drink lids, old clothing, ice cream containers, straws, crayons and paper. The first thing to do is to cut and attach together boxes or cardboards to form the shape of a robot using glue or tape. Then, use the rest of the materials by attaching them to the general robot shape depending on which one suits best for the various parts of the robot. Another way of making robots from household objects is with the use of metal flask or tin cans as the robot