If you are interested in creating a vinyl sleeve head, look for sources of motivation, choose a record sleeve that you want, find a costume to fit, manage the other details of the sleeve, ask anyone to assist you, and be patient and take any important changes.

A sleeve head or sleeve face is a photography of a person holding up a record sleeve over her or his face. The idea is to put the sleeve artistically and in such a way that it creates the illusion that the body having the sleeve is linked to the body part or face shown on the record sleeve. Nobody knows for sure where and when sleeve heads began. However a rumor that is more popularly circulated speaks of a deejay who stuck a record sleeve which pictured the face of a musician in front of his own face and folks think it is a neat idea. If you are thinking about making vinyl sleeves heads, follow these guidelines:

Look for sources of inspiration

There are numerous images you could look at on the internet which can give you a concept of what sleeve face to create. Be resourceful and find as many resources of inspiration as you can.

Pick a record sleeve that you want

Try to find record sleeves which have something which can help you make an illusion. The sleeves could show human faces or any other body parts such as the midsection or the hand. Do not be hesitant to be imaginative with your idea.

Seek for a costume to match

Costuming is a vital part of creating a successful sleeve face and may add impact. Look at the record sleeve you selected, review the individual displayed on it and copy what he or she is wearing. For example, if the man or women on the sleeve is actually wearing a white shirt, then find a white t-shirt. Wearing something that is substantially different from what is displayed on the picture can destroy the illusion.

Work with the other details on the sleeve

Go through the other details shown on the sleeve and work on emulating them. For example, if the disposition of the picture is sad, then search for a setting that shows a moody or dark environment. Other factors you need to take into account are the background of the photograph, the angle and the lighting. You may also wish to practice your pose to help you avoid creating cumbersome angles with the photograph.

Request someone to help you

Keep in mind that it will be quite difficult to pose and take a great photo simultaneously. So except if your camera contains a self-timer feature and you know the right way to use it, you may want to find someone who could assist you capture the sleeve face.

Be patient and make any necessary modifications

The process of taking sleeve head photographs typically involves experimentation. So be patient and don’t be afraid to make the important modifications with your pose and angle or other detail which you believe will add to the impact of the image.

Vinyl sleeve heads are meant to be fun and interesting for the viewer and also the people making them. Don’t be worried about being thoughtful with the task. Instead, be creative and have fun with the entire process.