5 Handy Tools to Use when Cleaning Hardwood Floors

To clean your hardwood floor you can use a vacuum cleaner, soft-bristled broom, dust mop, floor buffer, and a dust cloth.

Hardwood floors, apart from their aesthetic value, are also known for their durability. It is not uncommon to find old houses with original hardwood flooring still intact. Although hardwood floors are durable, they are still susceptible to damage and can become easily worn without regular cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing Bloomfield. You should know what things you will need for cleaning your hardwood flooring.

Vacuum cleaner

Dirt and loose dust particles are not only untidy to look at, they can also scratch the surface of your hardwood floors. Additionally, if these foreign particles are not removed they can become caked onto the floor surface and harder to remove later on. Vacuum cleaners provide homeowners with an easy way of removing dust and other debris. Most vacuum cleaners are large and upright, while others are hand held tools that can be easily maneuvered over tight spaces. Make sure to choose a vacuum model that will suit your hardwood floor size, as some also have specialized attachments made for vacuuming delicate hardwood floor.

Soft-bristled broom

Soft-bristled brooms serve the same purpose of a vacuum cleaner. This tool is good for sweeping dirt and dust away from your hardwood floor surface easily. Don