Here are some thing you can give your mom that you can make yourself: a homemade video or CD, homemade goodies like cookies, a poem or story, a work of art, a scrapbook.

Providing a present to your mother is a fantastic way to communicate your thanks for her help along the way. The gift should be worth more if it supposed to be for her 75th birthday. There are several options you can consider for giving 75th birthday gifts, make the gift yourself to show you put some thought into it. Here are some handmade birthday gift ideas you can try:

Make a scrapbook for her

A classic homemade gift is a beautiful scrapbook for the recipient to store their favorite photos and momentos. To honor your mother, you and your whole family can make a scrapbook. Be sure that all the guests contribute mementos of your mother’s life: e.g. news clippings, post cards, letters, photos, and so on. It is a good idea to allow your relative to make an inscription of their own to your mom. Glancing back through the pages of this emotional gift, your mother will certainly love that.

Immortalize her with a piece of art

If you are fond of creating visual arts such as paintings and drawings, why not make a portrait of your mom for her birthday? Or, nonetheless, you should take a picture or two or even a chain of pictures of your dear mother along with your father and other members of your family, in case photography is your passion. Arrange the photos you have snapped into a collage. Another great Idea is to give the gift in a silver frame, since it is their 75th birthday. Silver represents seventy five years. When children use their art skills to create a masterpiece, mothers everywhere will treasure the creative gifts.

Writing something unique and personal for her is something she will treasure forever!

If you like to write, you can allow your feelings and imagination to flow and compose poetry or a note for your mother. Make your gift more beautiful by using a very pretty note card or paper to write on. As an alternative choice, you can opt for typing of a poem and get the same printed in a fine eye-pleasing script font instead of handwriting the poem. Take the gift to have it framed, then your mother will be able to mount it on the wall in a prominent place, which will remind her of how much you love her.

Show her she’s special by presenting an assortment of goodies you baked yourself

You can start off your mom’s birthday by treating her with a basket filled with goodies you made yourself. Get a wire basket, line it with nice tea towels, then fill it up with tasty homemade goodies. Put in some treats such as muffins, cake, a pastry or two and some freshly-squeezed fruit juice. If your mom likes a particular food item, you can also cook it for her and include it in the basket.

You can create a video tribute on your own just for her

In honor of your dear mother, on the occasion of her special birthday, you can prepare a homemade video and present it to her. Be sure to talk to all of your family members and your mom’s best friends, and ask them to talk about their best memories of your mom. You can request them to say their heartfelt messages and birthday wishes as well.

Handmade gift items would command more significance for your dear mother. Ensure that the gift perfectly reflects your love and affection for the most special women in your life.