A good present for a fellow might be a t-shirt, novelty thumb drive, Sci-Fi television series or fun fashionable items.

Geekdom has become fashionable quite lately. You will see lots of geeks and geekdom in the TV shows and movies of the day. More and more celebrities were recorded trying the latest geek chic fashions. For those with boyfriends that are crazy about geeky computer-related things, there is a wide range of gift ideas to choose from. Consider the idea of giving him one of the unique birthday gifts that will surprise him

Give him a t-shirt with a Geek statement

There are several intelligent statement t-shirts readily available with geek in-jokes, geeky phrases and images printed on the front. Your friend might be amused to receive a shirt that features a sequence of binary codes that actually translate to a real phrase or a blue t-shirt with matching words all made to look like the iconic “blue screen of death”. A lot of these shirts cost less than $20, making them the perfect option for those gift-givers with a budget.

Present him with a unique flash drive

For file storage, flash drives or USB drives are wonderful for keeping data and moving this information from one computer to another computer. This is ideal for those studying, doing a business or even for a friend for whom time is at a premium. You will surely find something to appeal to your geeky side as flash drives now-a-days have taken on a vast array of quirky shapes and figures. Consider buying a flash drive that is in the shape of a Star Wars action figure, robot, watch or alien. Your geeky friend will find the gift both useful and amusing.

A geek TV program can be watched on a DVD player

It is easy to find TV shows featuring geekdom as geeks continue to infiltrate popular media. You can look for popular geek television series online and then find a boxed DVD set of the story you can purchase. Your friend will enjoy hours of watching hilarious comedy shows or an action-packed series that features someone or a set of characters or dilemmas that he can relate to.

The charging station for a variety of gadgets

Since geeks are into high-tech gadgets they will appreciate having a charging station that will allow them to charge their many paraphernalia anywhere. Charging stations can be plugged into an outlet and are equipped with several jacks to accommodate various devices ranging from mobile phones to music players. This is the ideal way to enjoy travel without leaving the technology you love at home.

Ways to accessories the modern dork look

There are fashion items now that are designed to look distinctly geek, incorporating a number of geek icons and computer-related imagery. Look online for neckties that are 8-bit styled and patterned in an iconic green and black color scheme. A quirky LED binary watch that takes reading time to a more complex level or a belt buckle with LED light that can be programmed to scroll a custom message could be considered to gift your friend.

When you buy a gift for your friend (or anyone) be sure to put some extra effort and thought into your choice.