Food can be prepared in a quicker and more convenient manner if the meat slicers are put to use. You can purchase a light-duty meat slicer for home use, a medium-duty meat slicer for more frequent food preparation, and a heavy-duty meat slicer for commercial or industrial purposes.

Due to a large amount of features, choosing your meat slice can be a delicate process. To help you to choose the best one for your slicing requirement here are information on three different types of meat slicers:

A light-duty meat slicer for use in the home

The most basic type of meat slicer is the light-duty meat slicer, which is specifically made for home use. Electric meat slicers make food preparation much easier. Blades ranging from 7 to 7 are usually provided with these slicers.This device is 5 inches, and has a staggering 100 watt motor. Chef’s Choice, Maverick, Waring, and Hobart meat slicers are some of the well-known brands included in this. Above all it is important to clean your meat slicer. The slice thickness is also adjustable to your preference. Should you need to replace parts of your meat slicer, many hobart parts, as well as other meat slicer brand parts, are readily available in specialty shops.

For normal cooking duty a medium-duty meat slicer is the most convenient option.

A medium-duty meat slicer is the ideal choice for a small sized restaurant or a food-related business. These slicers will have a variety of blade sizes in order to cut to desired thicknesses. There is a variety of blade sizes, and motor power to choose from. You can also use your meat slicer to cut cheese and fruit.

Specially created meat slicer for commercial or industrial use

For commercial and industrial purposes, you are going to need a bigger, more durable, and more automated meat slicer for the utmost convenience and efficiency. These slicers are usually run by 1/4-horsepower motor for better, stronger, and more lasting performance. For enhanced slicing heavy-duty meat slicers with 8 to 14 inch blades made of high carbon steel are preferred. You can also choose meat slicers with additional features, such as automatic slicer settings, a built-in sharpener, and a retractable carriage to make processing quicker and easier.

While making use of these meat slicers, irrespective of the type, it is crucial to consider extra precautions when operating the slicer and cleaning the blade to prevent prematurely breaking the item and to protect yourself from possible cuts. The general safety guidelines should be considered:

*Ensure all parts of the slicer, including the blade, are in their proper places.
*Position the meat properly before you start cutting.
*For your own safety, keep your hands away from the blade while it is slicing meat.
*Before cleaning and after use, be sure to unplug the slicer.
*Wear thick gloves to prevent cuts when cleaning and replacing the blade.

A meat slicer can be a sensible investment in most businesses or just for use at home. Over time, they will save your time and money. Look for what best fulfills your needs and can be trusted for dependability and functionality.