Helicopters, pistons, turboprops, jets, and airliners – these are the basic types of airplanes you can charter for a more exclusive and secure trip.

Renting a plane can be a truly convenient, time-saving, and often, cost-effective means to travel, whether for business or leisure. All you need to do is book with an air charter, such as Boston air charter agencies, then pick the right aircraft suitable for you. Below are the several types of charter planes you could select for a more private, relaxed, and safe travel:

Take a panoramic trip with helicopters

The speed and versatility of a helicopter make it an excellent choice for adventure tours, as well as company travel with the delight of a scenic flight. Helicopters feature single or twin engines, perfect for taking aerial photographs and films. Commercial trips could also take advantage of the night-operation capacity of certain helicopters.

Hire pistons for your short and small-group flights

Perfect for short flights, Pistons or known as piston-engine operated planes are driven by 2 engine propellers. They can fly up to 6 travellers for less than a 500 mile trip. The majority of pistons are non-pressurized and have a speed of 200 Miles-per-hour. These kinds of aircrafts are economical and cheaper to rent than jets and turboprops.

Experience safe and relaxed with turboprops for approximately medium-range trips for bigger groups

Turboprop planes are perfect for traveling with large teams on short- to medium-range flights, such as local flights. They are secure and efficient in all kinds of weather conditions and are more energy efficient compared to jet planes. As a standard, the cabins are actually pressurized, with anti-icing, air conditioning equipment, and also climate radar for additional protection. You can also find various variations of turboprops which can accommodate corporate flights of different sizes and durations.

* Small turboprops. Smaller turboprops are ideal for small teams of as much as six travellers and typically have a curtained rest room for your leisure. They take a flight at a maximum velocity of 230 Mph with a range of 700 miles.

* Medium turboprops. These kinds of planes have a greater capacity up to 9 people on a maximum of 800-mile trip. Speed is usually 275 Mph.

* Larger turboprops. The large turboprop aircrafts could accommodate up to fifty travelers and are complete with luxurious lavatories and also stand-up cabins. They fly at a speed of 330 Mph for a range of one thousand miles.

Rent jets for small- to medium-sized teams on a long vacation

Jet airplanes come in light, midsize, and large variations, with a maximum velocity of five hundred Miles per hour for small to medium teams of up to 6, 9, and 14 travellers, respectively. Small sized jets have curtained bath rooms, while bigger ones have enclosed bath rooms for added comfort and ease. Jets give better style and functionality, as well as greater comfort and safety, and they could take lengthier trips of up to 7,000 miles for large jets.

Have a big group for long outings using airliner planes

Airliners are jet aircrafts that can fly up to twelve thousand miles for a speed of 525 Miles-per-hour nonstop. Different varieties of airliners can hold twenty five travellers up to a maximum of five hundred travellers with different customizable features. These include workplaces for business tours, as well as bed rooms, amusement areas, and bars for much better comfort and convenience.

With a wide variety of planes to choose from, you don’t need to bother about the number of people going on a trip or the distance to your vacation spot. Different aircrafts are meant to accommodate different numbers of passengers safely and comfortably for short-, medium-, and long-range flights.