If you want to save money renting cars, you ought to compare the amounts that different car companies charge, be willing to rent a smaller, simpler car, consider not using the insurance offered by the car rental place, become part of a membership program if you rent cars often, avoid getting any fancy upgrades that are not needed, and try going to a place that rents cars that is not at an airport.

Whether you are renting a car for the first time or you are well-acquainted with car renting, there is no doubt that you will want to find the best car rental price. There are many ways to obtain a desirable car rental at an affordable price. Here are some tips that can help you find the cheapest car rental price:

Check one deal against other deals of the different car companies

Finding a good car rental price is hard, you need to look up the rates by different companies and compare Looking for rental companies online is an easy way to find various car rental prices. After only a few searches you will have an idea of the going prices at different companies. There is a good chance that you will find special offers and discounts when you check out more than one car rental company.

Choosing less fancy and smaller cars is a good decision

The cost to rent a vehicle is directly related to the type of car it is. If you you don’t include much people in a journey, using a compact car will be more economic for you.

Think about foregoing the insurance providers by the company that rents

You may already be insured when you drive a rental car, so check before you sign up for coverage from the rental agency. Review your insurance policy to determine if it covers rental cars. If you have comprehensive car insurance then you won’t need to get another policy from the company as this type of insurance already includes rental cars in its coverage.

Join a membership program or try this out if you regularly rent cars

If you are a regular renter of cars, paid membership programs offered by some rental companies can be beneficial. Free rental days, free upgrades and other special deals are some of the benefits that membership will confer on you.

You don’t want to have features or upgrades you won’t use

Some rental companies will offer you additional car features that may seem tempting at first, but keep in mind that these can cost you extra. You have to review your offer care fully to eliminate any unwanted conveniences. In addition you may be able to move into a larger vehicle for an inconsequential amount of money. However, larger vehicles tend to consume more gas so you might only end up paying more than you thought you could save.

Look for places other than the airport to rent a car

What you usually find is that airport-based car rental companies charge more than city-based ones. One money saving tip would be to take public transportation to the car rental company within the city and then rent your car from there.

There are various options on how to receive good car rental prices. Keep an open mind and use every resource at your disposal.