If you would love to give a unique homemade gift, you could craft beaded charms for boys and girls, prepare treats for food lovers, create a scrapbook based around a theme, give diaper cakes during baby showers or 1st birthdays, give decorated pots to garden lovers, create decorations of plaster, put together a collection of interesting recipes for cooking enthusiasts, make a photo slideshow on CD, give senior ladies special crochet gifts, and give button snowman as Christmas gifts.

Occasions can be made more meaningful with special home-made gifts. Such gifts can also help you save time and effort in shopping for a special gift for that special person. Consider these unique birthday gift ideas and home-made presents that can suit any occasion:

Create charms out of beads for both boys and girls

Great gifts for boys and girls are fashion accessories and key chains. Shop for beads and strings at your local craft store. To make your gift more unique, use letter beads that spell out the name of the recipient. These accessories make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas parties and even graduation ceremonies.

Fix a variety of snack foods for those who like to eat

If you want to surprise a food-lover, consider preparing some goodies for them. You can bake a cake or cookies, candies, pretzels, biscuits, or any other recipe you have mastered. You can also find a new recipe online and give your special someone a tasty labor of love.

Create a scrapbook based around a theme

This gift makes a wonderful present for any age, especially on birthdays. Consider designing the scrapbook with a theme to make it more memorable. For example, little girls will like scrapbooks with princess themes and moms or grandmothers will appreciate garden designs.

Give a diaper cake for babies

Finding the perfect gift for a baby shower or first birthday can be a headache. Save yourself some time and give something home-made and practical, such as a diaper cake. Try searching through the Internet on making different styles of diaper cakes.

Give garden lovers a decorated pot

Beautify a friend or family member’s garden by giving them a decorated pot as a gift. You can purchase a clay pot and paint it yourself with a dainty design. A quirky idea would be to embellish the pot’s outer surface with moss to recreate a natural-looking design.

Create a plaster craft decoration

Homemade gifts will make the recipient happy and give the maker a means of enjoyment while crafting. Enjoy making a special gift by painting a plaster craft. You can either buy plaster mix and create your own knickknacks or purchase crafts that are ready-to-paint. A plaster craft embedded with seashells in different colors and sizes will make a lovely addition to a beach house or bathroom decor, for example.

Put together a collection of interesting recipes for cooking enthusiasts

Another home-made gift idea is a compilation of recipes for those who love to cook. You can look for great recipes on the Internet or find some from your mom’s cookbook. You can handwrite the recipes or have them printed on pretty cardstock and then keep them together with a puncher and rings.

Create a slideshow of pictures on a CD

Anniversaries and birthdays of the people you love can be made more special with a gift you can do at home. Put together pictures in a slideshow and save it on CD. You can show your gift as a surprise presentation during the party for a more sentimental effect.

Give crochet crafts to senior women

Many older women love crochet, and it would surely please them if you crocheted something for them. You can think about creating a table mat, scarf or a table runner as a birthday present. If you decide to make an item of apparel, personalize the gift by embroidering their name on it.

Craft a button snowman for Christmas

Make Christmas extra special with delightful gifts. Make snowmen with your choice of large and small buttons. Include decorative touches and attach a pin or magnet behind the snowman. These will make great Christmas gifts for friends and relatives.

These homemade gift concepts might be simple but they are also very special. You may be surprised how much the recipient will love and treasure your home-made gift.