In order to identify a good car rental deal, do make early reservations with various car companies, see if you can benefit from privilege cards or reward programs, do not ever be persuaded by unnecessary insurance fees, be aware of other applicable charges and fees, find out if you are eligible for discounted employee rates, find out possible cheap rental rates from hotels, avoid airport car rentals, and check out travel reservation websites to compare car rental companies.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, arranging for a rental car can be a major headache. Compare and contrast the different rental agencies to ensure the best rate. Take this advice when choosing the right car rental service, it will make for a more comfortable visit:

Inquire various car companies and book in advance

Book everything early including the car rental so you don’t feel like your vacation is a hassle. This will give you plenty of time to search for great deals. Many car rental companies allow you make reservations without any initial payment, giving you an opportunity to make reservations at companies with good rates. Do remember always to cancel your other reservations when you find the best deal in order to avoid possible “no-show” fees.

Check out what benefits you might be entitiled to from reward programs

Many privilege cards and reward programs allow you to use your points for discounts at different ompanies, including car rental companies. See what you can get with these points and use them to save on costs or get added benefits, such as a free car upgrade.

Don’t let unnecessary insurance fees influence you

Companies will sometimes offer costly insurance when you book and pay for reservations. Don’t let them talk you into anything. Look at your personal policy to get in touch with your insurance company to see if you have car rental insurance benefits. If they do, then there is obviously no need for you to accept a car rental company’s offer of insurance.

Make sure you research any fess that might be involved

When booking your reservation for a rental car, you may not be aware that some companies charge fees. Find out about the various charges try to read in between the lines while going through the rules and regulations. There will be fees for dropping off cars and taxes may need to be paid as well. It might be part of the deal that you should refuel the car when you return it; or else, there could be an expensive charge for fuel. There are also times when the car key is misplaced or lost, so they would charge you for a car key cutting. That’s why you need to be extra careful when renting a car.

Find out whether you are an eligible candidate for discounted employee rates

The employees and their family and friends are offered with discounted car rental rates as a part of the company’s employee benefits. You want to save money when you are selecting a car rental service so if you should happen to have a friend at one of these businesses, ask about possible discounts.

Check out possible cheap rental rates from hotels

Most hotels offer car rental as one of their services. After booking you hotel ask the rate of rent for their car. Surprisingly, you can save money by renting a car from your hotel, especially if they have a rewards program On top of the money that you will be saving, taking advantage of the hotel’s rental service may prove to be reputable and not bothersome.

Don’t rent cars at the airport

Because of the convenience they offer, airport car rentals tend to be more expensive. You should avoid using the car rental services, that are available at airports. Search and compare the quality and prices from other rental services, and inquire if they have airport drop-off or pick-up service for their fleet.

Check out travel reservation websites to compare car rental companies

Finally, check out travel reservation websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Kayak to find a good car rental deal. These websites will help you easily compare different car rental rates and services, as well as read reviews from costumers that can help you make a better decision.

To save money towards a trip for business, or even a vacation, you should find a good deal for your rental car. Your excursion can be trouble free and very much enjoyable. It can finally be the stress-free trip you deserve.