There are rum truffles, white chocolate and peanut butter rice krispies.

The gifts candy lovers want most are candy. Any occasion can be the perfect time to surprise your children with homemade candy gifts that they can love and enjoy. Here are some great candy gift ideas that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age:

Delight your relatives and friends with rum truffles this Christmas

A delicious unique gift for everyone on your Christmas list are rum truffles. Rum truffles have a great dense texture on the outside, but are supple and moist inside. These are simply made from a mixture of chopped chocolates, cream, butter, chocolate cake crumbs, dark rum, and chocolate sprinkles. After it has been cooked leave the mixture until it is able to be shaped into balls. Then rool them in the chocolate sprinkles and refrigerate for a half an hour. Place them in small paper cups or small cupcake sheets, box them, tie with a ribbon, and voila, you have a delightful Christmas present for your family and friends.

If you don’t have the time to bake a treat yourself, you can always visit a chocolate shop and purchase handmade truffles to hand out. You can find a listing of local chocolate shops in your local phone book or by searching on the Web. For instance, if you type in “truffles Michigan“, you’ll get a list of chocolate shops in Michigan selling truffles.

Surprise kids with assorted-shaped and chocolate-coated white chocolate

Make a kid’s birthday or Christmas more enchanting and enjoyable by surprising him with chocolate-coated white chocolates in assorted shapes. These are very simple and fun to make. First of all, buy a white chocolate bar and melt it then pour it in a mold. The white chocolate candy pieces should be shaped to fit the occasion, and what the recipient favors most. For Christmas, you can make candy cane or Christmas tree shaped gifts; for birthdays, you can choose numbers and letters. Chocolate bits or chopped nuts can also be added to white chocolate to create handmade goodies that look very interesting. Next, let the white chocolate set. Once the white chocolate is hard, dunk the candy into the melted milk chocolate and then allow it to dry prior to packaging.

Give your friends something to munch on with peanut butter rice krispies

Peanut butter rice krispie treats are a special, enticing gift for any celebration. Rice Krispies, butter, marshmallows, peanut butter, white chocolate chips, and melted chocolate will create a treat for dessert lovers. First, heat the butter, marshmallows, and peanut butter in the microwave, stirring every minute for three minutes, until rich and smooth. Add the rice krispies and white chocolate chips and mix slowly. Once the treats have been made, they should be pressed on a non-stick pan to prevent sticking, since you cannot properly serve the treats if they are stuck. Finally, take the melted milk chocolate and drizzle it on top of the rice krispies mixture. Allow to harden. Another option would be to slice the treat and place them cupcake or cookie sheets. Now you are all set to hand out these sweet handmade gifts to family members or special people in your life.

There are several more handmade candy gift options to suit any age. After you feel confident making these unique candies, you may try to come up with your own and make your own special modifications based on what the recipient likes. Life is worth living!