To fix an unhealthy relationship you should discover the underlying cause, take responsibility, forgive, conquer your negative behaviors, adopt positive relationship habits, and move on with your partner.

Nobody wants to be in an unhealthy relationship. A bad relationship can be stressful and emotionally taxing for both partners. However, not all unhealthy relationships are hopeless cases. The best relationship advice for men who are dealing with an unhealthy relationship is to try to fix it. Here are some ways you can make things work out with your partner again:

Discover the underlying cause

Some couples might already have an idea of what’s really going on in their relationship while others have to spend time to discuss and discover where things went wrong. The important thing is to find out the underlying cause and not simply manifestations of the problem. For instance, you might be angry at your partner for not spending enough time with you, but this might not be the actual problem. The underlying cause might be that you are insecure about the relationship and simply need more assurance from your partner.

Take responsibility

Once you find out the underlying cause, don’t use it as a reason to be angry or an opportunity to blame your partner. Instead, learn to take responsibility. Accept the fact that there is something wrong with the relationship and that you may have done something directly or indirectly that made it that way. Most importantly, accept that you can still do something to make your relationship work.


One of the most essential but often forgotten acts that you should do is to forgive your partner. You will not be able to move on or think of a clear solution to the problem if you do not let go of the negative emotions you have against your partner. It might take a while for your emotional hurts to completely heal, but having a forgiving spirit is the first big step to recovery.

Conquer your negative behaviors

Everyone has habits and traits that can be psychologically or physically destructive to a relationship. Reflect and evaluate on your behaviors that are not contributing to a healthy relationship or are straining you as a couple. Take time to diagnose the possible reasons behind the habits and then make it a point to stop doing them.

Adopt positive relationship habits

Once you have conquered your negative behaviors, learn to replace them with positive relationship habits. These positive habits can be simple acts of kindness and love or having a positive outlook in the relationship. The bottom line is that you cultivate trust and start supportive habits that are conducive to developing a healthy relationship

Move on with your partner

The previous steps should have given you enough time to gain new insights and dispel negative thoughts and actions from your life. The last and most crucial step is to learn to move on to a new stage in your relationship with your partner. Learn from your past faults and mistakes, but don’t bring them up anymore. Consider this a time for you and your partner to start fresh and begin a healthy relationship together.

As you navigate this new chapter, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from each other or even external sources like therapy or tarot questions to deepen your understanding of yourselves and each other. Moreover, cherish the journey you’re embarking on together. Celebrate milestones, both big and small, and continue nurturing the positive habits you’ve cultivated. Remember, relationships are dynamic and require ongoing effort and commitment. So, as you move forward hand in hand, let love and understanding be your guiding lights, illuminating the path toward a fulfilling and harmonious relationship.

With the right mindset and investing enough time, there is still hope to fix an unhealthy relationship. If there’s really no way to fix it, find local matches today to meet new people.