If you wish to get a cool bunk bed for your kids, you may consider a

firehouse-inspired bunk bed, cottage-type bunk bed, castle-themed bunk bed, or an army-themed bunk bed.


Both children and grownups could appreciate the uniqueness of bunk beds. Aside from a unique style, there are numerous benefits to owning bunk beds. Not only are they space-efficient household furniture, they can also be personalized to become more pleasing to young children. If you’re considering of buying a bunkbed for your children, below are a few cool bunk beds you need to consider:

Castle-themed bunkbed

Both small girls and boys will definitely love a castle-themed bunk bed. This kind of bunk bed is adorned with tiny flags, and the items on the upper bunk are carved to look like little towers. They’re also available in many colours to fit your kid’s taste. Your little kid will love acting to be a good leader surveying his kingdom from the upper bunk. And little girls will love faking to be a princess in their own enchanting castle. Castle-themed bunk beds for girls are usually fancier and have a roof positioned over the upper bunk.

Cottage-type bunkbed

A cottage-type bunk bed is influenced by a small girl’s passion for playing house. This specific bunk bed is designed to appear like a cottage and also comes with a quaint roof over the upper bunk and even has little windows and doors. Rather than a bed, the bottom bunk is enclosed and spacious enough for your little girl to set up and enjoy her playthings. Your little girl can invite her friends over to play house as well as sleepover on the lower bunk. Some cottage-type bunkbeds also have a slide attached to the upper bunk so that your child may have enjoyable sliding down to the flooring rather than just utilizing the ladder.

Army-themed bunk bed

Small boys enjoy the excitement and action associated with troops and the military. Instead of just buying your little boy a new military action figure, you can purchase a bunk bed with an army theme for him. This type of bunk bed contains a camouflage design all around the framework. The bed is made even more special having a slide and also a tent connected to the lower bunk. The lower bunk offers additional space suitable for playing games, storing playthings or even accommodating extra sleepers.

Firehouse-inspired bunkbed

A firehouse-inspired bunk bed is a fantastic way to guide your child’s dream of becoming a firefighter. Although firehouses have sliding poles which firefighters employ to reach the floor, this type of bunk bed has a slide which your child can use for going down. As for climbing up, there is a ladder attached to the upper bunk that’s protected by a red tower. The lower bunk is accessible through a big door that’s designed to look like the garage door which you should read more at Titan Garage Doors blog of a firehouse.

Regardless of what type of bunk bed you choose for your children, you should make sure to pay close attention to the safety features and components of this type of furniture.